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So it's that time again when I round up my outfit photos from my Instagram @TheSilverKickDiaries. As I get busier and busier I find less and less time to take blog photos. Which is why I love sharing these quick ensemble photos that I post on my IG. But I'm still doing my proper blog shoots and photos too, don't you worry. I'll admit here that because it's colder, I'm A) Too lazy to take blog photos and B) too cold to stand in the cold and take them. The last few days have been slightly warmer though. Which is why I rushed out in the middle of work today and got my poor mom to take some photos. You'll see them later, but for now, moving on to these.

I love these chinos for weekends. They're quickly becoming my favourite replacement for jeans. This was in the summer where I paired these khaki chinos with one of my favourite pink shirts. I finished with a big bag and burgundy sneakers.

A soft feminine look with a white embroidered top which you saw before in this post. This time I wore it with blush pink pants. Yes, those are the same pants from the blog post, but in pink. I have these pants in several colours because they are freakin' comfortable. 

I'm in LOVE with these bright pants which you saw in the previous blog post. I especially love the combination of white with this gorgeous fuchsia, and as I look at this photo I wonder why I didn't take more photos to do a blog post on this outfit.

A simple workwear look with a black cotton button-down worn over skinny blush pink pants. I rolled up the sleeves, not because I wanted to look 'cool', but because I had a shitload of work that day and I was feeling hot. I wore my staple statement watch, a ring and finished with embroidered grey heels to add some interest to an otherwise simple look.

You've seen this dress before in this post. I wore it here with a short cropped jacket and I love how that one addition changes up the look to make it look smarter, formal and less girly. Baby pink heels completed the look.

If you've been following me a long time, you'll remember this dress from this blog post from a few years ago. I updated the dress by adding one more layer of lace to the hem. It makes it feel grander, and I wanted the dress to be slightly longer. Plus I love this baby blue lace and I can't get enough of it. I co-own Lace Love with my mother, where we sell laces like these and even match and stitch them on to your clothes for you. So give us a shout on our Instagram or Facebook page if you want some lace for yourself.
A work outfit with a snug ribbed top, a cropped navy jacket and floral pants from this post. I wore sneakers as I had walked around in high heels the whole of that week and I needed to give my feet a rest. A few long layered necklaces and a pink bag completed the look.

It had just begun to get cold and this thin fuchsia pullover is perfect for a thin layer of warmth. I wore it with a navy blue silk button-down, and stone trousers to tone the brightness down. Check out Snarf looking over his kingdom in the back.

A girly lunch on a cold weekend at The Avenues meant jeans and sneakers for comfort, and my big black wrap coat to stay warm. P.S: It wasn't warm enough. That area is COLD. And funnily, the mall is colder inside. You need more layers and more winter wear when you come here! The floral t-shirt I wore was too summery but I love the print and the fit.

That's all for now. Catch you soon on my next blog post. Follow me on Instagram @TheSilverKickDiaries to keep up!

Shabana Feroze

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