My Super {Really Effing Weird} Skincare Stuff

I share a selfie of my makeup face almost every day on my Instagram stories. And in reply to them, I get a lot of messages asking me what foundation I use and telling me that my skin looks great. As I mentioned in this post showing my makeup routine in detail, I don't wear any foundation. I don't like it and I have good skin. 

I take very good care of my outsides and my insides, which results in gorgeous skin. It's something we all forget. Keep your insides clean and healthy, drink a lot of water, have a positive attitude and your skin will show it! In addition to that, of course, is my skincare routine. Of late I have added a few products to it that made me go HOLY #$!@ after I used them. They make my skin look and feel super amazing, and super clean. Something you always want for your skin- to be CLEAN. So here are those superstar products that I've been using, what's in them and why they're so good for you.

Before I begin, let me just say that this not a sponsored post, I have not been paid to promote these items. I'm merely sharing my experiences of having used them.

The Luxury Stuff

Okay, I must tell you that this stuff is an investment. But it's so worth it. I discovered it on my recent trip to Italy and after the skin care specialist Natalia applied these products to my face, I felt the results. Which is why I had to have them. 

This gel is super weird but super amazing. It apparently contains bee venom {!} and that's apparently really good for your skin. Using the little spatula, you apply a thin layer of it to a clean face, avoiding the eye area. You have to let it dry and wash it off with water or wipe it off with a warm wet towel. 

When you wash it off, you'll feel all the dead skin and deep-seated dirt rolling off of your face, sort of like when you use an eraser on pencil marks and it comes off in these little black bits. Naaasty. But so good for you! 

Because once you've got it all off, believe me, you're gonna be wondering how the heck were you living with such a dirty face and how incredibly amazing, incredibly clean and incredibly smooth your skin feels now. You need to do this only once a week as your skin renews in 7 days. Because your skin is so clean now, whatever moisturizer or skincare products you're currently using will get absorbed much better and be more effective. Sounds good, right?

This is again a once-a-week mask. It contains collagen and elastin from plant stem cells. This collagen helps to reduce fine lines, and even deep wrinkles, as claimed by them. The mask comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, claiming that they use all-natural and all-organic ingredients. It's something else when your cream comes with a certificate! 

They say that you'll see a difference with each application, and I certainly do. I like to apply this collagen mask right after I clean my face with the Queen Bee Peeling Gel so that this mask can get absorbed and work all its plant stem cell goodness deep into my skin. When you put the mask on, you feel a tingling sensation in certain areas. I've noticed that I feel the tingling sensation where I have dry skin like around my mouth. 

You have to leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. After you've washed it off, you're going to see a big difference in your skin. After I used it for the first time in my hotel room in Rome, my fine lines looked like they had smoothened out. I couldn't believe it! My face looked super-smooth and youthful like I had aged 5 years backwards! My skin felt tighter and firmer right after and even the whole of next day. I looked and FELT amazing, knowing my face looked so smooth and was glowing! 

Both these lotions are definitely an investment. I was lucky and managed to get them much cheaper because Natalia took a liking to me and gave me her staff discount plus a damaged box, bringing the price way lower than what it is.

And Now, The REALLY Cheap Stuff

When I was in Kerala in January with my brother, my mother had asked us to get her some Ayurvedic meds. After looking for an Ayurvedic medicine shop for ages, we finally found one on the outskirts of town. It was run by a sweet old lady who barely spoke English. After we finished buying all the medicines my mother wanted, the lady asked me to buy this cream. When I saw that it said 'fairness cream' on it, I refused, but she insisted that it was really good for removing black marks from your face. And to apply it only at night before sleeping.

The cream turned out to be AMAZING. Kumkumadi Lepam is an Ayurvedic cream containing the very best natural stuff you can apply to your face. It has turmeric, saffron and sandalwood {it smells INCREDIBLE} and other natural ingredients like liquorice and blue lotus. When I saw that the cream contains saffron and sandalwood, I knew it would be amazing as these two ingredients are great for the skin {but are so expensive that you wouldn't buy them and apply them separately}. 

I started using it immediately, and it worked like a charm. My skin was clearer, blemishes disappeared really fast and I had much lesser acne. Here's the kicker-  it's effing cheap. It's only for RS 70, which is 400 Bahraini fils or $1. It's a small tube, but still. It does last you a while. So if you know someone who's going to India, ask them to bring it for you. Or order it online. 

If you can't afford the luxury items, I'd highly recommend trying Kumkumadi out and seeing the difference. Although I love the thought that this Ayurvedic cream could be working better because of using the Queen Bee Peeling Gel, and leaving all the goodness of saffron, turmeric and sandalwood in my skin. From the luxury items, if you can afford to get the peeling gel, get it. It's so important to deep cleanse your skin. And it's the cheaper of the two, so get it as a treat for yourself!

As for the rest of my skincare routine, I use an eye cream, a normal moisturizer and SUNSCREEN every single day. I take my makeup off using a waterproof makeup remover or micellar water, and then wash my face using a face wash. I'm not mentioning the names and brands of these items here as I don't stick to any specific brand. I try out different ones all the time. 

I talk about how having great skin and hair can make you look super-stylish, in my book, Loving Yourself In Style. There's also an entire chapter on health and fitness, so you know how to make your skin look good from inside out!

So that's my secret to great skin. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Shabana Feroze

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