50s Baby Pink Dress + Travel Life Hack I Learned On This Trip

This dress is everything because it's got so many things that I adore- florals, pink, 50s shape, enormous flare, and lace! I've added the lace to it later, but still. It's the end product I'm talking about. 

I like to buy these dresses online, directly from the seller on eBay or on Aliexpress since these kinds of dresses are really hard to find. Usually, I have to alter them because they're not the perfect fit. I do think I have enough of these now, though. I bought a bunch of them in the cutest prints when they were on sale. Get ready to see more, soon. You have been warned.

The Outfit

This dress was love-at-first-sight because of the colour. It's just the right shade of baby pink, with a pretty darker pink and green rose print. It comes with its own cloth belt, which you tie around the waist. It ties it at the back here, but it can be easily tied at the front or the side for a different look. 

When I received it, I realized it was just a bit shorter than what I like. For me, the solution to a too-short hem is always lace. So mom and I added lace from Lace Love, hanging from the hem. 

This lace is one of my favourites because of the delicacy of the flowers and leaves strung together, and the pretty scalloped edges. All of it makes this the perfect lace to stitch hanging from the hem. Because the flare of the dress is absolutely huge, a lot of lace went into it. But the overall effect is gorgeous, with the lace adding more grandeur to the dress and taking it up several notches from being just a floral cotton tea dress. 

That's the other thing I love about this dress- the material. It's a thick cotton so it keeps you cool. I wore it for work, with a powder blue blazer on top. I stuck to pastel shades for a soft summer look. The blazer reduces the super-girliness of the dress and makes it more work appropriate. The material of the jacket is textured, making for a nice contrast against the smoothness of the dress. The thickness of the fabric makes the blazer's shape very structured, with the lapels boldly standing out. I love the pocket details and the smart buttons on the sleeve end. All the little things that make a blazer look sharp and professional. This is again one of my oldest blazers from Zara. They get blazers just right. 

The Accessories

I wore sleek silver teardrop earrings to accessorize. With the collar of the blazer and the print of the dress, I didn't want to go overboard with jewellery.

I matched the silver gemmed earrings with a bracelet. And of course, I don't go anywhere without wearing a watch. 

I chose this emerald green bag to go with the ensemble as the rich shade looks great against the soft pastels of the dress and jacket. The colour also brings out the green in the print. The boxiness of the bag brings some seriousness to the flounce of the dress and lace. 

I finished with baby blue ankle strap heels. They have a lovely V on top, and the heel is slightly wider, giving them a unique look and making them that much more comfortable to walk in. I got these from ASOS but have now stopped buying any shoes from them as the sizes are so inconsistent. 

Here's what the dress looks like without the jacket. As you can see, the flare is absolutely massive. When I first tried the dress on, I couldn't stop twirling around in it and watching the skirt flare up and out. SO much fun! I'd love to wear this dress with a dark coloured leather belt, and with different jackets. A cropped jacket or a cropped cardigan would be perfect to take this outfit from day to night. Or simply lose the jacket and wear a statement necklace with it, one that has stones in bold colours. Add some chunky bangles and it's perfect for meeting your friends or for a romantic evening.

So the next time you want to wear a flouncy, feminine dress to work but feel that it'll make you look too delicate, fierce it up with a blazer! I love how that combo portrays both softness and power at the same time. 

Dress: Bought online, Lace: Lace Love, Blazer: Zara, Earrings, Bag: Gifted, Shoes: ASOS.

On a Personal Note

I've recently gotten back from a trip to Europe. If you're wondering why I haven't been posting pictures of my trip on my Instagram, here's why. In my last trip to Kerala, I took a lot of photos and shared them on my social media while I was there. Being the social media fiend that I am, I drove myself crazy taking loads and loads of photos, wondering what to post when, what to post as an Instagram story, what video to take, what Boomerangs to do, and ended up looking at my phone more than I would like to. It took away from the trip and the incredible beauty all around us. Both I and my brother noticed that.

So this time when I travelled, even though I had a GSM number, I decided not to share any travel photo during my vacation. I decided to take all the photos and videos I wanted to, but post after I come back. And you know what? It made a world of a difference. Because I wasn't sharing my photos and videos on social media right there and then, so I enjoyed the sights more. Another thing I realized is that because I wasn't posting, I didn't take as many photos. I wasn't obsessed with getting the perfect photo for the perfect Instagram travel post. 

Once I was back, I took my time to transfer all the pictures, sort through them, and know which ones I'd be sharing later on. And I'm uploading them as and when I like. I can't believe how relaxed I've been because of this one small decision. Of course, I'm going to do a blog post on where I went and what I did, as I usually do. You can see all my travel posts by clicking here

Until next time


Shabana Feroze

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