Sneaking Florals Into Work + Overexercising and Weight Loss

What better way to welcome spring than with florals? {If you know me then you know that I wear florals all year round. Spring is just an excuse.} What we forget is that florals can also be worn as part of workwear. It doesn't have to be all solids, stripes and other patterns. Florals are feminine, they're pleasing to the eye, they cheer you up, so why not wear them to work, too?

One way to incorporate florals into your workwear is to wear just one piece that has floral print, and structure business formal pieces around it.

The Clothes

The top I'm wearing is actually a t-shirt masquerading as a dressy blouse. It looks like a dressy work blouse because it's not made completely from your usual t-shirt material. The front panel of the top is a silky, thin, polyester and only the front has the print. The back is made from the soft viscose material you normally find in t-shirts. That makes it easier to wear this top to work since it doesn't look blatantly like a tee. The V-neck also helps. I love the floral print on it with its bright blues, greens, teals and yellow. It's a small print, making it look understated and thus more elegant.
I paired this fun top with a more serious, A-line skirt in deep plum. I found this skirt in Urban Planet when I was on holiday in Toronto. It was quite surprising because the store is mainly casuals. The skirt has an elastic waistband that is neatly concealed. The material is extremely soft and considerably thick, so it's opaque and falls nicely. The length is perfect- it just hits the knee.

Because of the elastic waist and the softness of the fabric, the skirt is uber comfy. Which is why I ended up buying it in three colours. I have it in black and grey in addition to the plum seen here. This skirt was actually only in XL while I'm a Small. I still bought it {it was very affordably priced} knowing that I can always make it smaller. And that's just what I did. I got tucks put in on either side of the waist in the front. Now they look like they're a part of the design. They're one of my most-loved and most-worn skirts since they're so easy to wear and go with everything. 

I added a jacket on top of the blouse to make the outfit more professional, and because the sleeves of this top are very short. I chose this black cropped jacket from ASOS. It's made from a textured, stretchy material. What I love the most about it is that it stops just above the waist, making it the perfect jacket to wear over an A-line skirt or dress. There are lapels in the front of this jacket, but they're so thin you hardly notice them. The sleeves are quite clingy, so this blazer is best worn with a top that is sleeveless or has short sleeves. And of course, it's black so it adds more seriousness to the ensemble and matches the deep hue of the skirt. 

The Accessories

As the V-neck of the top is a bit deep, I wore a double-layered necklace with it. The two tiers make good use of the space, and the stones and coins stand out. 

I wore flower-shaped white gem studs in my ears to match the necklace. 

On my hands, I wore a smart gemstone ring in a step cut, in bright blue to match the top. I finished with a statement watch in silver. 

Navy blue pumps add more substance to the look. I love these shoes. The heel is 3.5 inches, making them more comfortable and easier to walk in than your typical 4-inch heels. The navy makes them the perfect work wear appropriate heels, when you want some colour but not too much.  

I finished with a big red tote bag. This bag is one of my favourites as the base is quite sturdy, there's a compartment in front to keep your phone/ keys/ tablet, and the best part- there's a longer strap. I love bags that give you the option of longer straps so you don't end up with very achy forearms from carrying the bag hung on the inside of your elbow the entire day. 

Top: Koton, Jacket: ASOS, Skirt: Urban Planet, Necklace: Forever21, Ring: from Jewellery Arabia, Bag: Aldo, Shoes: Primark.  

This is a snug, comfy and girly outfit for when you have to go to work but you still want to sneak in a bit of floral. And for those days when you're just not in the mood to wear structured pants or a sharp blazer. 

On Overexercising and Not Losing Weight 

How is 2018 going for you so far? Does the year feel like it's speeding by, or is it going at a normal pace? 

For me, it feels like it's slowed down and sped up at the same time. If that makes any sense. On the work front, lots of things are happening so that makes the days feel like they're going by quickly. On the fitness coaching area of my life, I've reduced the number of classes I teach in a week and I can't believe what a difference it's made in my life. Before this, my week was super-packed since I run my businesses 9 to 5 and I had a class every single evening. Some days I even had two. That was complete madness. 

A funny thing I always realize is that whenever I tend to reduce my exercising, I lose weight. This is probably down to the fact that I'm always overexercising. Which means that I hardly give my body time to repair and recover. Also, lots of classes and a very full schedule meant that I was scrimping on sleep. Most nights I was getting just 4 hours. This is another factor that makes you not lose weight. When you're sleep deprived, you reach for all the wrong foods. I've always believed {and experienced} that a happy, relaxed body and mind find it easier to lose weight or to reach fitness goals. 

I talk in detail about this in the chapter Health & Fitness, in my book Loving Yourself In Style. I also talk about the different types of exercise, what you should be eating, and how loving yourself can get you to the desired body you want. Click the link to see where you can get it. It's also available in the Bahrain International Book Fair. Drop me an email if you'd like a signed copy. 

Even though I'm enjoying this relaxed pace, at the same time I'm thinking about learning a new fitness program. It's always good to learn new things and challenge yourself. But this time, I'll make sure I have enough time to sleep and breathe, too!

Until next time

Shabana Feroze

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