Finally Accepting Sneakers + the Dilemma of Holidays

Okay, I'll admit it. I really didn't think the whole trend of sneakers/ canvas shoes worn with everyday outfits is for me. I mean, I love it when it's done well by other women, but I really didn't think they're for me. I always told myself it's because I love high heels too much. But more than that, it's because I find that they look very masculine, and also because my feet are the biggest size in the world, and sneakers make my feet look like clown feet.

I did have one pair of maroon Vans, but I only wore them on holiday. Even then, I didn't know if I was styling them right or not. And I really don't like having doubts about my style. I like getting dressed and feeling empowered in my outfits.

Until I came across these sneakers. I realized one thing can make the biggest difference between me hating sneakers and loving them: flowers. I fell in love with these sneakers because of the embroidery on them. {I'm realizing I'm becoming more and more of a floral freak as time goes on. And I'm okay with that.} The flowers embroidered on these shoes takes away the boyishness and makes them look super girly and super cute. It also cuts the length of the shoes so my feet don't look like a platypus'.

I'm completely in love with these shoes. But I'm not throwing away my high heels just yet. I love how these sneakers give a casual vibe to an outfit. They're great for the weekend or when I want to give my feet a break from heels. Otherwise, heels FTW.

The Outfit

Top: ASOS, Pants: Oasis, Earrings: Gifted, Sunglasses: from Italy, Shoes: American Eagle, Bag: Parfois.

This top is very light. Perfect for summer. It's made of a thin cotton and has buttons all down the back, stopping just above the waist. The fit is flowy and loose, great for wearing over jeans or pants. The main attraction of it is the bell sleeves that are nice and wide. The colourful floral embroidery is the second bit of interest. I love the unusual placement and style of it. On a very plain white background, the flowers are placed at the neck, falling downwards, and as an upward pointing triangle on the sleeve hems, making the bell sleeves more obvious.

I'm a huge fan of the whole new embroidery trend by the way. Embroidery done well looks so beautiful- classy and feminine. I'm loving that it's everywhere- not just on clothes but also on shoes and handbags. 

I paired the top with navy blue floral pants {I'm just realizing as I type this that this outfit has flowers on the top, the pants and the shoes. I'm taking my flower fetish to a new level} which are one of the comfiest pairs I own. The pants have a flat waistband in the front and an elastic one at the back. The pleats at the front make them look like formal trousers. The elastic at the back and the loose cut mean they're super duper comfy. The white of the top sets off the white flowers of the pants nicely. The bright colours in the top's embroidery match the pants. 

I wore earrings with multicoloured stones to match the colours in the top and one wide ring. A deep pink bag completes the look by bringing out the pinks in the flowers in the trousers. 

Altogether, I've tried keeping the outfit colours to pinks and blues, for a coordinated and understated weekend look. I'd love to try making this top look more work-friendly, maybe by pairing it with a pencil skirt or simply switching up the shoes to heels. This top is from ASOS but I wouldn't recommend buying from them as I've found that their sizes are very inconsistent and the clothes are not value for money. 

In other news, Eid holidays are flying by as fast as holidays do. I'm trying to make the most of them by catching up on my reading, movies, drawing and friends. These holidays start the mark of the holiday season in Bahrain, which usually comes by the end of the year. At this time I always wonder why we couldn't have holidays peppered throughout the year instead of getting five days off at once, then another five days. It'd be so much nicer to have a long weekend at least once every month, don't you agree?

In any case, here's to long public holidays and enjoying them!

Until next time

Shabana Feroze

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