Golden In The Golden Hour / A Revelation About Jeans

Okay, so... I think I'm falling in love with jeans again. And it's all because of this pair. Which is all because of this video I watched recently called What No One Tells You About Jeans. The video made me realize that I had been wearing the wrong type of jeans all along. I already knew that I was sick of skinny jeans and that I needed to get straight leg/ bootcut or flare jeans to balance out the length of my legs, but what the video showed me was that I was buying the wrong waist type in jeans all along. Plus it showed me a million other tiny details on how to select jeans that'll look flattering from all angles. The lady behind the video didn't pay me to write all this, I'm just telling you because it really did change my life. I just came upon the video randomly on YouTube and I had to pass on these life-changing fashion insights to you.

The Jeans

So with the advice from the video, I got this pair of flare jeans from H&M. Can I also just say how hard it is nowadays to find a pair of flare jeans or just straight leg ones? All jeans everywhere are either skinny or super skinny. ARGH! I chanced upon these flares, and even though they're a size big for me, I got them. Later I got my mom to add some sneaky tucks in the waistband at the back to tighten the waist. It's just the waist that was a bit big. The fit on the legs is perfect. I love that the flare is not too wide, just narrower than the thighs so it looks neat. I'm not keen on looking like a throwback from the 70s.

And what I realized is that because they're flares, they don't make me feel like peeling off my skin when it gets hot. Normally, skinny jeans make me feel really, really warm and sticky. They're just not humidity-friendly. But because the flares are, well, flared, and the fit on the thighs isn't a very tight, stretched fit, I don't feel icky in these. Even after wearing them the entire day. Yay!

This pair is a high waist, so it creates a curve for my straight body. All this time I was shunning high-waisted jeans because I thought they'd eat up my torso. Now I realize they're the only kinda jeans I should get. You're never too old to realize how stupid you've been all along.

The Top

I paired the jeans for one of my favourite weekend tops from Saji's Couture. The material is pure chiffon so it's sheer and whisper-light. You really feel like you're not wearing anything, it's that weightless. There's a camisole slip in taupe worn underneath as a separate piece, as the chiffon blouse would be see-through. The camisole itself is very light and a bit loose. It irritates me to wear tight spaghetti straps under sheer blouses as those always make me feel hot. This one is a cotton mix, making it light and airy. 

But getting back to the chiffon blouse itself. The colour is sort of a dusty burgundy, and I love the bold floral monochrome print. There's a rose print in metallic gold on top of the monochrome one, and that makes the fabric so unique and interesting. I love how the gold shines as it catches the light. This subtle bling makes the top a great choice for a party or occasion. The allure of the fabric aside, the cut is what sets this top apart, though. It's longer at the sides in a handkerchief hem cut because of which the material falls softly and flows with your body. The neck looks simple but has delicate gathers.

The sleeves are sheer and have elasticated cuffs, making them very comfortable. Being a blouson shape {or my favourite term for it- bishop sleeves}, they fall elegantly and look so dainty. It's always details like these that make a piece of clothing stand out, don't you think?

As the centre of the top just hits above the waist, it's the perfect pairing for high-waist jeans or trousers. I'll be pairing the top with formal pants as well, and maybe even try it out tucked into a skirt. 


I wore intricate gold earrings from Al Jasra Jewellery in Manama Souk. On my hands, I wore a delicate amethyst bracelet and a gold ring on the other. Since the top is such an attention-grabber, I was minimalist with jewellery and kept it all gold to match the gold in the top. I grabbed my favourite mustard yellow shoulder bag for some brightness and finished with black pumps with laser cut-outs. I adore the look of pointy pumps peeping out from underneath pant hems. So chic.

Top: c/o Saji's Couture, Jeans: H&M, Earrings: Al Jasra Jewellery, Ring, Bracelet: Gifted, Bag: Parfois, Shoes: Marks & Spencer. Photos: Arif Feroze 

In personal news, I had a brilliant time during the Eid break. I did soooo many things, a few of which I've never done before. If you've been keeping up with me on my Instagram, you'll know that I've had a few indoor adventures, attended a local stand-up show, and attended a blogger event. For a little old introvert like me, to do all that within a week is HUGE. I think I've finished my quota of going out for the month in one go, haha. In addition to that, I spent lots of time with family and friends, which always makes any holiday wonderful. I was almost sad to see it end yesterday. But bills have to be paid, and shoes have to be bought, so it's back to work again from today.

How was your Eid break? Or if you're not in this part of the world, how was your week? Do anything new?

Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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