Fuchsia and Green + Change Inside And Outside

Cooler weather may be here, but I'm not ready to wear winter shades yet. I'm still hung up on bright summer colours {as always}. In any case, Bahrain's weather means that even when it becomes really cold, the sun's always bright. So I will be, too. In this outfit, I mixed two colours, a bright and a pastel, and balanced them with neutral black.

The Outfit Breakdown 

There's nothing like a pop of nice, strong pink when you need it. This coat fulfils all my fuchsia cravings without being overwhelming. I've always said that Zara does blazers and coats well, and this jacket is a great example of it. The cut is really simple so the bold colour can take centre stage. The two main things that attracted me to this piece were the colour and the sleeves. Bell sleeves look amazing on blazers and coats, and on this jacket, it adds effortless flair. I love that the rest of the coat is extremely simple- a round neck, no lapels, and very simple pockets. 

The material is a viscose mix, so it's not too warm or heavy. You can wear it in summer or fall. I love wearing this coat while travelling as it's not too bulky, it looks great, and it has pockets at the right length. Perfect to pull your travel docs out of quickly when you need them at the airport. 

I wore the jacket over seafoam green trousers and a black shirt. I love the combination of green and pink. The bright fuchsia stands out on the soft green, as well as against the deep black of the shirt. The shirt is a textured, lined cotton because of which it has a stiff structure that looks really sharp and professional. A black button down is such a work wardrobe essential because it looks smart, goes with everything, and exudes power and confidence. I love that the black of this shirt is really deep and inky. Washed out black just doesn't cut it.

The soft material of the pants contrasts with the stiff shirt and adds some fluidity to the look. The bow at the waist gives it the ensemble a feminine and effortless touch. I love how the bow on the pants and the bell sleeves on the jacket are the two points of detail that add some playfulness to what would otherwise be simple pieces. I also like that the jacket's sleeves are slightly higher so your shirt sleeves peek through. 

I accessorized the look with colourful hoop earrings to bring out the outfit's shades and a simple watch. 

I wore black pumps to match the shirt and tie the whole look together. I finished with an emerald green bag that adds more structure with its boxy shape.


Coat: Zara, Shirt: Koton, Pants: ASOS, Earrings, Watch, Bag: Gifted, Shoes: from Canada. 

On A Personal Note

There are two things I'm really happy about right now. How my house is starting to look like on the inside, and how the weather is changing outside. 

We've been in this home for just over a year now, and we're still furnishing it. We knew we would wait for Ikea to open and then do it. Recently, we finished turning our balcony into a lush garden and I couldn't be happier. This gorgeous weather stays for such a short period of time that you have to make full use of it if you have any outdoor space. If you're following me on Instagram, you'll see all my home improvement jobs in the stories. It's just so interesting to transform a space. Like a friend said, makeovers and home improvement jobs are just so much fun.

Talking about the weather, I feel like we finally have weather in Bahrain this year. Last year was very dull. It's fun when there are storms and thunder and lightning instead of the same sunshine all year round. I was in India when the worst of the storms hit, and I was really regretting it. So I'm especially glad we have {or let's say had} rainstorms this week. Although they do disappoint sometimes. I say this because the last one built up so much drama... with black clouds rolling in, lots of continuous thunder, heavy rain, and lightning that flashed through the house... and I got so excited. But it was all over in ten minutes. And the sun was out again. Sigh. I'd really like to see it pour down for a few hours and enjoy the soothing sounds with a nice book and a cup of coffee. 

P.S: Have you picked up a copy of my book yet? It makes for great reading on rainy days. ;)

P.P.S: How gorgeous is this house with the vines and flowers draping the roof and hanging all the way down? This is all just one man's work. We met the gardener/ caretaker who told us he did this. Beautiful, right?

Until next time

Shabana Feroze

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