White And Red Wine + What I Did In India

Nothing beats the elegance of a simple white blouse. Especially when it's made from a rich, soft fabric. Add blouson or bishop sleeves on that, and it just makes it look so much more sophisticated. I specifically asked for this white blouse to be made at Saji's Couture. I had seen it somewhere and loved the simplicity of it. The key to getting it right was the fabric. Sajida showed me this white material in Japanese satin, and I immediately showed her the design I had in mind for quite some time for a simple white blouse. 

I love that the satin is slightly thick but very soft, and is completely opaque. My biggest peeve with white shirts and blouses is that they're usually slightly see-through. It has a very simple high and round neckline which makes it look very prim and proper, and blouson sleeves with a slightly wide cuff and two cloth buttons.

I love how incredibly fresh it looks. A white blouse like this is a no-brainer when you're in a rush to get dressed but need to look elegant and smart. Because something like this will pair with absolutely anything and everything. Jeans, A-line skirts, trousers, block colours, prints, you-name-it. 

In this look, I decided to pair it against this wrap skirt in bold burgundy, to really bring out both the freshness of the blouse and the rich hue of the skirt. I do realize I look like a mish-mash of white and red wine, though. The skirt's material is also Japanese satin, and it flows just like wine around your legs because of it. The satin is double-sided, with one side shiny and the other matt. The shiny side is on the outside for both the blouse and the skirt, but in the skirt you get peeks of the matt side as the material moves. I love that it has that element of interest to it which makes it unique. The wrapping mechanism is really simple, with a button and a tie at the waist. So you can make it really tight, or tie it slightly loosely after a big dinner. 

What I really love about the skirt is that the outline of the wrap can be clearly seen falling delicately and in waves which gives the skirt so much character and such a pretty shape. I also love that it's asymmetrical at the hem and the tie at the waist is visible, making it look cutesy and feminine. The length is great, just about skimming my ankles. 

The skirt is a complete product of Saji's Couture. Which means that I didn't ask Sajida to make it. She made it herself and asked me to try it on. I wasn't so sure the first time but loved it the second time when Sajida brought it with her again during a fitting session for other clothes. She's pretty tenacious. 

For accessories, I wore silver tear-drop earrings and a watch. With such a skirt drawing all the attention to my legs, I had to wear really pretty heels. These mary-jane coral pink ones enhance the flamenco vibes that the skirt has going for it and add a nice pop of colour to the outfit. I grabbed my white floral bag to go with the white blouse, and add structure to a flowy ensemble. The floral print on the bag is a good contrast for a colour-block look like this one. 

Top and Skirt: Saji's Couture, Earrings: ?, Bag: Parfois, Shoes: New Look

The Family & Friends India Trip

In the last post, I had mentioned that I was going to India for a holiday. I'm back now and this is the bit where I tell you about my trip. It was hectic {which explains why I haven't been posting} but altogether wonderful. It was a really simple, relaxing vacation filled with meeting friends and family. I usually despise going to India with my parents, especially to the towns my relatives are in, as my parents drag me around to meet relations that I have no interest in meeting. This time was different as I went with mom but laid down strict rules that I wasn't going to see anyone I wasn't interested in seeing. 

This was a short trip, and I wanted to meet the family and friends I really loved. And that's just what I did. We went to Bombay, Pune, Hyderabad and Vashi. In all the cities I spent time doing the two things I loved most- spending time with people I love, and shopping! Mom and I had an amazing time shopping our hearts out everywhere. Pune especially is amazing for shopping, and with the value of the Indian rupee being so low, everything was super cheap!

Pune is also my college city so it was lovely catching up with a college friend and also meeting one of my favourite professors again.  Of course, I had gone to attend the wedding of an old school friend and even though I managed to escape fairly quickly from the wedding, it was a nice experience and the venue was stunning as the reception was held at a golf resort set in the hills on the outskirts of Pune. It was great meeting some very old school friends at the wedding, too.

Thankfully, this holiday changed the way I think about India and changed visiting relatives from a chore to something pleasant. It's amazing what you can change from negative to positive when you decide to do only what makes you happy.

Until next time

Shabana Feroze

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