Turquoise and Tan & Birthday Plans

Sweater dresses are so great because they look elegant, really comfortable, and you can wear layers under them. I got this knit dress last year when I had to travel to Europe for a holiday in March and it was freezing there. It was super useful there and I wore it multiple times as I could layer thermal wear under it, and also wear a big coat on top.

For the laughable cold temperatures of Bahrain winters, this dress can be worn with a thin shirt inside or just as a dress itself. I paired it with stockings and tall boots in this look. I've been wanting to wear this dress with these boots ever since I got it, but it's such a waste of space to take tall boots with you on holiday. Especially when you know you can't walk long distances in them. 

These are the only pair of boots I have now. The main reason I stopped buying boots or don't have others is that Bahrain's year-long summer hardly gives me a chance to wear them, no matter how much I love them. It's the same with my winter wear. It's pared down to very few sweaters, coats and scarves, and I don't buy new ones anymore unless I have to travel to a very cold place. I don't know if I'll ever get rid of these boots, though. They make me happy just looking at them standing in a corner of my room. They're a favourite because of their tan colour, the material, and of course, the 5-inch heels.

They're great to pair with dresses and I'm hoping I can do one more shoot with these babies paired with a pencil skirt before it becomes too hot to wear them again.

What I love the most about this sweater dress is that it's knitted with shiny threads, so it glitters. I'd never pick this dress out for myself, but my mother picked it out and insisted I try it on and once I did, I was in love. Other than the gorgeous turquoise colour and the shimmer, I love that it's a thick knit and it doesn't hug the body too closely. It has a straight fit similar to a pencil dress which looks so elegant. But what I'm really crazy about in this dress is the sleeves. My obsession with bishop sleeves and long cuffs is nothing new. Although this dress does not have a cuff, it's tight at the wrist going almost all the way up till the elbow, and it's a wide sleeve above that. The thick knit material gives these kinds of sleeves a different structure and look. 

I really wish I could wear more of this dress but I'm sure I won't be able to because 1), global warming means Bahrain's winters get shorter and shorter every year until finally one year it'll be just summer and we'll all roast and die, and 2), the knit gets snagged easily and bobbles turn up everywhere on the dress. With such dresses and other knitted clothes, you have to be very careful to not wear any jewellery or accessories that snag the fabric and cause a thread to pop out of the knit. 

Since the dress is of one colour but still has some shimmer, I chose big earrings and a big ring. I paired an envelope clutch in a matt silver metallic finish that brings out the shine in the dress.

My cousin got me these huge earrings from Rajasthan, India and I love them! I love the teardrop shape and that they have a jhumka and mirror in them. They're deceptively light and I love how massive they are.

I'm loving the trend of big statement earrings. I'm so old now that I remember when trends first came and went, and marvel at when they come a second time around. And of course, that's just me noticing that in my lifetime. Trends keep coming and going and then coming back again since forever. But I do love big, big earrings. As always, I resist a trend when it begins because usually, it begins with bizarre designs and styles. Then when more the trend looks like it's going to stay, all the fashion houses, high street chains and even the street shops start to get in on it. That's when you start to see more designs made with different materials. And that's when I actually start to like some pieces.

So maybe a year or more into the statement earring trend, I started loving it. I got myself lots of long and big earrings from India last year and I'm really enjoying incorporating them into my style quotient. I like that I don't have to worry about wearing a necklace with the outfit now. The annoying thing with the statement necklace trend was that I always had to find earrings that 1), matched the necklace, and 2), were of an appropriate size that would not compete with the necklace. 

Having said that, I'd definitely try wearing a big necklace with this sweater dress. It would break the solid colour and something in a rose gold finish would stand out beautifully against the deep turquoise colour. A longer mala-type necklace or a scarf would also look good on this dress. In winter, it's perfect to wrap a really long scarf twice or thrice around your neck and let the end falls all the way down the length of the dress for a clean, minimal look.

Dress: H&M, Earrings: Gifted, Ring: Gold Souq, Stockings: Marks & Spencer, Bag: from India, Boots, Sunnies: Aldo.

What are your favourite winter pieces? How do you like to style them? Leave me a comment after the post!

On a Personal Note

It's my birthday soon {tomorrow!} and like every year, I like to celebrate allllll month long. And when I say celebrate, I don't mean go to a birthday party every day, but that I treat myself with more gentleness, love and kindness that I usually do. Or at least, I try to. I hate the fact that February is the shortest month of the year. More days! More celebrations! More feeling special! 

I also do things such as set personal goals, dreams and wishes for myself. Yes, wishes. Because wishes are cuter forms of dreams. All these things are so much fun to do and even though it doesn't have quite the same feel, I DO try and do them the entire year long. 

Until next time

Shabana Feroze


  1. Looking gorgeous in that dress.. may I say, those high-heeled boots are very sexy!! :)

    It's already been a couple of weeks, but I hope you're still having a great birthday month! ;)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    1. Thank you so much, Nat! That's a big compliment coming from the Queen of Sexy Boots! I'm having a wonderful bday month! :)


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