Violets and the Cake Day Summary

Sometimes you just stumble across something in a shop that's so stunning and perfect for you and at such an unbelievable price, you can't frikkin' believe your luck. This dress was like that. I found it in H&M on a sale rack and I fell in love with the print. When I checked the price tag, it was only for BD 5 {$14} and when I tried it on, it fit me perfectly. Win!

I love a sultry black floral print, and this one with violets growing upwards is very minimalistic chic. The colours in the print are also very uncomplicated and chic, in shades of violet, yellow and green. The material is a polyester blend but soft and thick so the dress holds its shape well. My favourite thing about the dress is- you guessed it- the sleeves. I'm a huge fan of an exaggerated cuff. This one is long with a line of cloth buttons that makes it look so smart. The contrast between the width of the sleeve and the long and narrow cuff makes for a gorgeous dramatic feel, while the rest of the dress is simple with a straight body and a high round neckline. I love plain dresses that have one overly dramatic feature, making the design stand out but also look very elegant. Less is truly more.

I wore the dress with stockings as it was cold that day and also, stockings are great for making any dress look even more classy and work-appropriate. I accessorized with tassel earrings in purple that swing when you move and just look like so much fun. I got these from Parfois and have worn them so many times already. I wore a big ring with a purple stone, and a bracelet watch on the other hand. Since the dress has a high neckline and full sleeves, eye-catching earrings and statement ring are perfect accessories complementing the simplicity of the outfit. A slightly bigger and smart-looking watch always makes an ensemble look more professional. This cute, structured bag finished the look with the mint colour bringing out the green in the print. 

I added the bling factor to this look with glittery pumps. These are a big favourite as they're an ombre shade of gold and powder pink. The gold looks like silver in the sunlight, but it's a beautiful yellow gold shade. I love that the glitter is very fine and understated. On the black stockings, these heels stand out even more and bring out the bright accents in the dress's print. 


Dress: H&M, Stockings: Marks & Spencer, Earrings, Watch: Parfois, Ring: Gifted, Bag: from India, Shoes: New Look.

The Birthday Report

On another note, I believe this birthday has been the best ever yet. I have had such a great time with friends and family, at places I really like, and I have received gifts that I will treasure for a very long time. This almost never happens. I usually hate my birthday because it almost never goes as planned and I feel lousy and then feel lousier because I don't want to feel lousy on my birthday.

This year was different and the best ever because I stopped planning and just went with the flow. I let go of expectations from family and friends to make my birthday special. I told myself that if I feel special on my birthday, then I should just treat myself really well and enjoy my time instead of waiting for others to make me feel more special. I don't need anyone to celebrate me. I'll celebrate me. 

And because I wasn't expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised when everyone around me did so many incredible things to make this birthday unforgettable. {You can see some of the fun things I did on my Instagram.} So the main thing this cake day taught me is that I need to not expect too much from others and also, I need to get over myself. If I want to feel special, there's nothing stopping me from making myself feel special by doing things I love. And I plan on doing this the entire year. Loving myself more, not celebrating my birthday.

I talk more about loving yourself and how to find what you love doing in my book, Loving Yourself In Style, available online and in bookstores in Bahrain. 

Until next time,

Shabana Feroze


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