Why Kindness On Social Media Is So Important

Social media is everywhere. We use several social media platforms several times a day. And mostly, it’s to connect with others. Double-tapping on someone’s photo, adding a reaction to a Facebook post or retweeting a tweet is the simplest way we keep in touch with others on social media. And let’s face it, we’re all too busy to post a comment on our friend’s posts all the time. Hitting the like button is fast and convenient.

But here’s why leaving a comment or a message and what you say in that message is SO important. Because of how much we use social media, we’re losing that real connection with our friends and family. Interactions on online platforms can be very dry.

Your like or heart or retweet is no different from someone else’s. It doesn’t have your personality or your warmth in it. Even when we type out actual words, they can seem how they don’t have emotion in them. A lot of times they can come across as harsh and emotionless.

Here are a few ways you can sound real and meaningful when communicating on social media or by email:

  • Don’t add a full stop at the end of your sentence. A “Thank you.” or a “Yes.” sounds threatening and harsh. Leave out the full stop, or better yet, add an exclamation at the end.

  • Which brings me to this point: use exclamation marks wisely. An exclamation mark shows excitement and enthusiasm. Use it when you feel excited and enthusiastic. Not to make a point. E.g: “Can you do this for me!” is SO rude. Also, don’t add too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t be cryptic. I’ll never understand why people try to act “cool” by posting mysterious or confusing comments. Just be real. Tell others you like their stuff, instead of saying something very witty which we all know you tried way too hard to do and you’re not like that in real life.

  • If you have been looking at someone’s feed and enjoying what they post, say something. It’ll make the other person’s day that what they post is being enjoyed by someone.
  • Keep the personal talk private. There’s a reason there are PMs and DMs. Not everything needs to be posted on someone’s feed. Wishing someone happy birthday or saying congratulations for something is so much more meaningful when it’s done in a private message.

  • Words are better than emojis. Spend the extra 30 seconds it takes to actually say something instead of :D ❤. It shows the other person that you care enough to type something out.
  • Try to actually study their post and then leave a comment. Tell them what you like about them or their clothes or whether you ate at the same place the last week. Read their caption and comment on it, instead of just saying “Great!” or “Wow!”.
  • Lastly, DON’T. BE. NEGATIVE. There’s enough negativity on social media. Don’t be a troll. Comment nice things or don’t comment at all.

In the same vein, here are a few tips to stay sane while using social media:

  • If you don’t like what someone posted on your post, don’t be ashamed to remove it. It’s YOUR feed. You should be able to control it how you like. You can either delete the comment or if you think a funny comment could be misconstrued, ask your friend to edit or delete it and explain why.

    • Block and unfollow whoever the f$#% you want. If someone is bringing negativity into your life through your phone, or if they make you feel small and insecure with perfect photos of their perfect life, block, mute, unfollow, unsubscribe. There’s a reason those buttons are there. I’m loving the trend of people unfollowing fashion and beauty bloggers whose life seems too fake and OTT, and following people who are real and share both the ups AND downs of their life.

    • Lastly, if social media feels overwhelming at times, you always have the option of temporarily disabling your account or of even getting off of the platform completely. Don’t feel like you have to always keep up and consume every single thing that’s being shared on your feed. All those images, words and media can really overload your thoughts and senses. Take a break whenever you need one. If you really feel bad for taking a break or going AWOL, leave a simple message or post saying you’re taking a break and will be back soon.

    Those are a few ways of being kind to yourself and to others online. Leave me a {kind} comment below if you enjoyed this post!

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    Until next time

    Shabana Feroze

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