Heels vs. Flats?

Recently I read an article that Karl Lagerfeld's runway models wore ballerina flats at the latest showing in Paris. After which he declared flats as 'chic', implying heels are out, flats are in.  Following this the sales of flats has also gone up.

On reading this I couldn't help but smirk at the naivety of the writer. And the senility of Karl Lagefeld. Heels can never, never, never be replaced by ugly flats. Never. Heels make a girl feel uber-sexy. They boost our confidence. They elongate our legs, and give the illusion of a longer, leaner body. In the contest of heels vs. flats, heels will always be the winner. You can't have as many styles of flats as heels. Heels can be pumps, strappy, round-toed, pointy-toed, with t-straps, courts, mary-janes, peep-toes, on boots, studded, sequinned, snakeskin and endless more. You can't have so many designs in flats. Even if there are, they look plain ridiculous and manly. 

I love wearing high heels. By high I mean not less than 4 inches. I simply don't believe in 3 inch and kitten heels. In my head they don't exist. Wearing my stilettos gives me an air of superiority. You definitely feel better when you're  towering over and looking down at your arrogant male colleagues. I'm able to do this because I'm 5 6", and in my 5 in heels I'm 5 11", making me taller than all the men at work. Now you may not be blessed with my height (I know, I'm very modest), but I'm sure heels are even more of a heaven-send for vertically-challenged women.

I hate flat shoes. The only type of the flat I like is the gladiator sandal. Whenever I have to wear flats, I feel like a duck-billed platypus and try to wear a big gypsy skirt to cover my flat-shoed ugly flippers. Even though I love heels so much that I may get married to a pair, I do admit that they're definitely not practical walking shoes. I laugh at women wearing 4 in heels and walking around in malls. I do it sometimes, but only when I have no choice but to do so. Heels are great for wearing when you know you won't be walking around much. That's why I love wearing heels to work. The longest walk I'll take is to the Ladies. I would definitely never wear heels to go hiking or when I know there's physical labour involved. Many women do. Look at that masculine-jawed over-spoilt excuse-for-a-celebrity we know as Paris Hilton who wore heels for her street community service. Now that's plain stupid. That's what ugly sneakers and disgusting flats are for. There's no point going home and cursing your heels. Your heels are to be loved and cherished, not cursed for deforming your feet.
Flats being in is probably just a fad that's becoming popular right now. I'm sure all the women snapping up the flats are those that have bunions and other feet deformities from wearing heels for too long and walking around in them. We women need to wisen up about when and where we need to wear our stilettos instead of rushing to buy flats like traitors.  

Shabana Feroze

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  1. Its like you said, heels will always overshadow flats any given day of the year. Flats in my opinion are lame, except for a few exceptions like gladiator shoes. But then again, I prefer the high heel versions of those as well. Look around you, most people wear "flats", be it your average every day shoes, sneakers, sandals etc etc. Its so common that genders of all age group wear flats. Now am not implying that guys should begin wearing high heels from louboutins or jimmy choos etc etc and be branded as homosexuals, am just saying that flats are common. And no, for all you "wise guys" CAT boots dont actually qualify as high heels. What I mean to say is that flats on women are boring and too common, or in other words, not interesting. High heels in my opinion, have been designed to break the norm of having a clich├ęd routine in foot wear and are meant specifically for women. You wont expect to see a guy in high heels and make a walking mockery out of himself.

    They not only accentuate the personality in women but they also make them look bolder (it maybe just me but thats how it seems to me at least) and my personal favorite, legs are sexier in high heels. Flats don't do those and it never will.

    What bothers me most, is how people get easily influenced by what others say and follow it blindly without actually taking a moment to think about it. Like for instance, Karl Lagerfeld (whoever that is) mentioned that flats are in and high heels are out. Most women will just blindly do that just cause he said so (or any fashion expert or celebrity for that matter) even if it makes them look absolutely ridiculous. End of the day one is supposed to see what looks best on them and stick with it irrespective of what people like these "fashion experts" say. There are certain things that will never go out of style. New styles will come and go but the good ones will always remain timeless, thats why they are called "classics" and high heels definitely fall under the category.


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