Did a Porsche Throw Up On You?

Remember that scene in F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Joey is standing on the pavement dressed in Porsche apparel from head-to-toe and Ross asks him, "Did a Porsche throw up on you?" ?

Why do people like flaunting the brands or labels they're wearing? They think it's so 'cool' to be dressed head-to-toe in designer labels that they can't even pronounce. (Which was, of course, not the same in Joey's case). Now I'm not completely against designer, high-end brands. Not at all. I only despise the idea of showing off what label you're wearing.

I'm not a cow. I don't like being 'branded'. (Although in all fairness I do know women who ARE cows, and I wish I really could 'brand' them, but that's another story.) When I see a woman wearing an Aigner pendant, a Tag Heuer watch, carrying a Fendi bag, with the logos of all these brands displayed in-your-face, all I can think is- these fashion houses are getting free advertising for their label. I hate that. I would wear all these logos on my body only if they paid me. Why should I walk around like a walking, talking fashion advert drowning in a cocktail of logos, and that too pay heavily from my own pocket for them? These fashion houses should be paying ME for displaying their logos.

Very soon people will wear such signs.

For instance, take the Louis Vuitton bags that have 'LV' all over. If I paid that much for a handbag,  I'd rather have my own initials brandished all over it, thank you very much. I don't want people being able to guess where I bought my shoes, or any of my clothes that easily. (Though that can happen with high street brands also, I agree, but it's much easier to spot a Loub than a shoe from Aldo.) I like having an air of mystery around me that extends to what I wear too. I love women gushing, "Wow! Those shoes are amazing! Where are they from?".
Mr. Louis Vuitton obviously thinks very highly of himself.

I hate displaying the label so much that I don't even like picking up sportswear from Nike because they have their trademark swoosh on everything. If I wore their clothes I'd feel like I just got out of a Nike class where a professor ticked all my clothes as if to validate me.

What surprises and alarms me is how normal it has become for a brand to have it's logo or brandmark on each and everything it sells. The other day, I bought bangles from MANGO and was surprised to see a small steel-plated MNG on them. Brands may defend themselves saying they find doing this necessary to stand out amongst other brands, but they need to understand that not all of us like to reveal where we got that denim jacket/ pendant from.

Don't pick one just because it says Dior.
Another nuisance about these designer labels is that they become  too common. Take the quilted Chanel bag for example. Almost every 5th person is carrying one. The annoying thing is many people feel that they don't need any sense of style if they're wearing a designer label. Many people can't carry off pieces from a designer label, yet insist on wearing only that.
I am so sick of these!

I've seen teenagers walking in malls wearing Loubs that are 6 inches high, looking like they're about to topple backwards. These Brand Victims only care about wearing designer labels, whether or not it suits their body shape, personality or wallet. Where is the creativity in just picking all clothes from one designer label and wearing it? What I like to see are women who can mix 'n' match high street and high fashion, and carry them off glamorously.
Olivia  mixes high street and high fashion for an elegant, polished look.
And until I reach the stage where I can afford high fashion, I will keep mixing my fave high street brands, but will never, ever, look like a brand threw up on me.

Shabana Feroze


  1. "If I wore their clothes I'd feel like I just got out of a Nike class where a professor ticked all my clothes as if to validate me"...lol well said ;)

  2. I have always felt that way about most brands (except cars, hence i said most brands). Its a shame that many will disagree with you, and those are the people who fall in the category of uptight fashion obnoxious people who think they are all "up-there" and "well-versed" with their brands and the fashion world and what not. If you try and tell them what you feel, chances are they will look down on you like your a retard or something. Hate it when these people do that :@

    Great article tho, cheers

  3. I'd like to think that the conversation we had recently has inspired you to write this piece :P...contrary to what you said earlier, i feel that people who dont even know how to pronounce a certain brand name can still carry it off very well( i dont think anybody cares how you pronounce a european designer name as long as you are ready to spend the required amount of green on it)...whether its Aan-yer or Louis vee-tawn who cares??..if you have that kind of money then why not spend it on stuff that is fashionable..."if you've got it flaunt it" those were your precise words ( although said in a completely different context from the time they were quoted)

    Makes up for an enjoyable and engaging read though.Good job!

  4. Dear Sabah

    So, looks like you read the article but didn't get the message at all. I don't care about people throwing their money on whatever brand. The point, the message, the annoyance is when they have the logo emblazoned all over shouting at others "Look at me! I'm wearing Versace, read the V-E-R-S-A-C-E all over my tee!". I'm a Brand Snob. If I want something from ZARA, I'll get it from ZARA. But I'll never buy a pant that has ZARA stamped on the backside in big, bold, sparkly letters.

  5. Lol sour grapes. Its because you can't afford any of those things and more over all those places you shop from, are just whatever brands, not high street. Don't flatter yourself.

  6. Hi Anon!
    Why are you anonymous? Scared?


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