Little Things That Make Me Happy

I've always believed it's the little things that make a person happy. Well, at least it's like that for me. So here's a short list of the little things that make me happy.
  1. Getting into a warm, soft, fluffy robe after a shower.
  2. Coming home from a long day at work and pouring out to mum.
  3. Being completely immersed in a really good book.
  4. The scent of freshly baked bread, new clothes, lemons and Chanel no. 5.
  5. Laughing for a long time at a stupid joke.
  6. Wearing a gypsy skirt.
  7. When someone really listens to me.
  8. Getting into my warm bed and snuggling under 3 duvets on a cold night.
  9. Imagining faces of the people who annoy me while kicking and throwing punches in Combat class.
  10. Putting on make up in the morning while listening to my favourite songs.
  11. Receiving my weekly gossip magazine.
  12. Wearing 5 inch heels. 
  13. Waking up early on the weekend, having breakfast and getting back into bed. 
  14. Watching a romantic comedy alone.
  15. Listening to my favourite Killers songs on full volume while driving.
  16. Reading a Paulo Coelho novel in bed and highlighting parts.
  17. Getting my hair cut by my hairdresser. 
  18. Dreaming while asleep. Dreaming while awake.
  19. Gazing at the full moon and starry sky on a clear night.
  20. Complimenting strangers. Receiving unexpected compliments.
  21. That moment when you realize whatever bad had happened earlier, happened for something great that's happening now.
  22. Miniature things.
  23. Bangles.
  24. Small pink things.
  25. Flowers.
  26. Bursting the bubbles on bubble wrap.
  27. Letting excellent quality dark chocolate melt in my mouth.
  28. Watching my plants grow.
  29. Making someone laugh. Really laugh.
  30. Solitude when I need it the most
That's all for now! Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Shabana Feroze


  1. Love No.9 the ferocious gurl has a soft gurlie side too....:)

  2. Things that make me happy:

    1. Unexpected compliments
    2. Finding myself at a green light when I get close to a traffic light
    3. Listening to my favorite music early morning and also while am driving
    4. Just relax in my room after work
    5. Sleep late night at weekends
    6. Watching a mind blowing movie
    7. Good sensible technology (This doesnt qualify as a little thing but makes me happy none the less)
    8. Peace and tranquility without any disturbance.
    9. Babies and their laughter
    10.Watching animals play, especially cubs and baby pandas
    11. Sleeping
    12. Number 8 on your list
    13. Food
    14. Old cartoons (looney toons, tom & jerry etc)
    15. Feeling good after watching or reading anything motivational
    16. Throwing foul words profoundly at dumb drivers, gives me a sense of closure.
    17. Taking out my frustration and anger by playing violent shooting games while imagining the faces of people i loathe, and find more evil ways of blowing them to bits (similar to your number 9). Helps me cool down
    18. Long drives in a deserted place

  3. things that make me happy:

    1.picking random things outta the fridge and whipping an amazing dish( i love cooking!)
    2.feeding people what i cook.
    3.when unknown people smile back.
    4.advicing people and see them smile
    5.playing with babies
    6.eating chocolate when i'm really low.
    7.having mom-versations for hours together.
    8.coming home after work and having a cold shower with my fav lavender body wash.:)
    9.looking at the collection of my scented perfumes and lighting one up!
    10. going to church at random and talking to god.
    11.wearing my 5 inch heels and looking at myself in the mirror!!:)
    12.anything to do with flowers..fresh , dried ..anything! my incense sticks at home and lazing around on a sunday.
    14.buying myself a new pen.
    15.having a cup of warm lime tea just before bed time , shopping and even more shopping:)
    17.reading the monthly cosmo and discussing about the contents to bffs !;)
    19.buying gold! the color and its glow..
    20.listening to power and gothic metal
    21.watching my acne disappear!


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