Epiphanies. And Math. Ugh.

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Shirt: Playlife, Jeans and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Earrings: F21, Ring: Accessorize
I HATE math. I hate it I hate I hate it!!! Calculations, division, subtraction, grrrrrrr! Makes my head hurt. Hey, before you start dropping my IQ level in your imagination, let me tell you, I'm still pretty good at it. But I hate it. And today, I had to sit and do a lotttttttttttta calculations. For what? My money. That's the worst kinda calculations you want to do, trust me. But, it has to be done. Someone should give me an award for sitting and meticulously working all this out because all I want to do at such times is close my eyes and take a nap. (And hope to get a dream that miraculously shows me the solution). Plus the calculations I'm doing is for buying something major, so it's really important that I do it. But I'm not ready to spill the beans on that just now, so be patient, dear reader. 

In other news, this month is a month of epiphanies for me. One after the other, I'm having epiphanies. I'm seeing things in a much clearer light than before. And it is SO amazing. I keep thinking, why didn't I realize these things sooner? But then I'm just grateful that I'm realizing these things now at 26, than at 36. Anyhow, everything happens at the right time, when YOU'RE ready for it.

Shabana Feroze


  1. Adore those shoes!!!!


  2. Hello! Thank you! (a little late but I HAVE to thank you ladies! I was going through all my posts!)


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