Not Venting My Spleen Out

Clothes: Mango, Shoes: Dune, Ring & Earrings, Gifted, Sunglasses: H&M

Don't have much to say about today. The thing is, SO much has happened today, that I could write 4 pages and I'm sure you wouldn't wanna read it. (It'll mostly be me venting my spleen out because so many losers have annoyed me today)
So i'm just gonna talk about what I'm wearing. Which is this blouse from Mango. It's lovely, and I got it on sale at more than half off. It's superlight, perfect for this crazy summer we're going to have. And it's paisley print, with bishop sleeves. I'm a huge fan or paisley and bishop sleeves. The pussybow gives it a really nice elegant feel. And the pants. I love their manliness, which make them perfect to complement with something girly and flirty. I noticed today they've become really loose at the waist. So either there's something wrong with the pants, or I've lost weight. I'm going to stick to the second notion.
Shabana Feroze


  1. Cant ever go wrong with paisely. What can be more elegant than bishop sleeves and a bow?

    Really cool giant shades.

    P.S. Ever considered a career in Fashion Journalism?

  2. Thanks! I'd love to get into fashion journalism! And this is the way I'm fulfilling my dream until I do!

  3. I love your attire in this one!!! keep it up!


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