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Hi! I'm Shabana. I live in Bahrain. I'm a businesswoman by day and a fitness instructor by night. I believe that dressing up is the easiest way of loving yourself, and this blog is where I journal my outfits and my life. If you'd like to know more, click on the About Me tab on top. I hope you enjoy my blog!

A little bit about me

Dress: from Rome, Blazer: H&M, Shoes: Payless, Bracelet: Accessorize, Earrings: F21, Watch: Swatch

A little bit about me:

I am: 26 years old
I want: A Canon camera.
I love: Cats
My star sign is: Aquarius
I am: Single and bloody lovin' it!
 I'm passionate about: interpreting dreams, meditation, healthy living, positivity and style.
I hate, hate, HATE: bad listeners, animal abusers and needy people.
I fear: roaches and big spiders. And showing weakness.
I am grateful for: my family, friends and a wonderful life. Oh wait. And dark chocolate.
I have a fetish for: good-looking hands. On men. (But I don't collect them or anything. Ew)
I am always looking for: Peace. And the perfect mascara.
I hate and love that I am: such a perfectionist.
I am learning: to be gentler on myself.
I want to go to: Spain.
I have a bad habit of: getting addicted to solitude.
I try: to always surround myself with positive people.
I aspire: to be the best I can be. (Cheesy, I know.)

Now do the same for yourself, in my comments!

Shabana Feroze
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  1. I am: 34 years old
    I want: No drama
    I love: yoga
    My star sign is: Cancer (yep!)
    I am: A whole lot that I didn't know
    I'm passionate about: love, life, writing and family (yes).
    I hate, hate, HATE: nutcases who aren't actors/actresses/famous personalities impersonate those types and become loud and obnoxious (I believe that I've used the word twice already today).
    I fear: roaches and big spiders. And showing weakness.
    I am grateful for: family, opportunities, every "up" phase that I've ever had in life.
    I have a fetish for: Great smells.
    I am always looking for: Calm, peace and beauty.
    I hate and love that I am: a shoulder to cry on.
    I am learning: To do what I want to do (without postponing it for later)
    I want to go to: South Pacific islands, Iceland, Himalayas and Dehra-Dun
    I have a bad habit of: loving solitude.
    I try: To workout even if I hate it,
    I aspire: To leave this world with no regrets/wishes.

  2. Oh! I cut/pasted your response, Shabana and then typed in mine. LEft your response to I fear- so here's mine!

    I fear - lizards

  3. Ok, first of all, I LOVE those shoes!

    I am: 35 years old
    I want: a beautiful vegetable garden where I grow all of my own food!
    I love: hugs. (I know, obvious)
    My star sign is: Leo
    I am: a novice writer
    I'm passionate about: spreading happiness
    I hate, hate, HATE: abusers of all sorts
    I fear: falling, spiders
    I am grateful for: the opportunities that I have had in life.
    I have a fetish for: shoes mostly high heeled shoes.
    I am always looking for: good in the world.
    I hate and love that I am: so controlling
    I am learning: to be more confident
    I want to go to: Bahrain!
    I have a bad habit of: getting so immersed in books that I am reading that I become depressed (depending on the book)
    I try: to always surround myself with positive people. (I second this!)
    I aspire: to bring about world peace. (and you thought yours was cheesy)

  4. I am: AWESOME
    I want: all my desires fulfilled
    I love: Cookie, .......
    My star sign is: Pisces
    I'm passionate about: learning new things that I WANT to, reading, flirting (?), talking, shopping, talking.
    I hate, hate, HATE: ditto for animal cruelty, people who litter, bad manners, people who don't keep up to their words, people who arrive late...
    I fear: heights, physical pain, lizards, getting low grades, losing the people I love (emotionally/physically)
    I am grateful for: my Mum
    I have a fetish for: Necks, beautiful hands and arms.
    I hate and love that I am: hate - trust people too easily, love - I give my 100% for the people I love.
    I am learning: to be diplomatic, assertive (ahem)
    I aspire: to be AWESOME-ER!


  5. Hey Anne!
    Thank you for sharing that! I love yoga too. This is the best part I liked, and I'm EXACTLY the same: "I hate and love that I am: a shoulder to cry on." I hope you keep up the motivation to exercise. You know it's good for ya!

  6. Melinda!
    Thanks for sharing that, now I know more about you!
    I love that you have a fetish for high heels, I hope you're collecting and wearing plenty. Even I'm very dominating, and I love it mostly, but I know, we types tend to drive people away sometimes because of it.
    I have the biggest smile on my face when I read that you want to come here! You are MOST welcome and I'd love to have you here! ((HUG))

  7. Anceeta, hmmm..flirting as a passion. Interesting. I agree that you need to be more assertive.


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[name=Shabana Feroze] [img=] [description=Shabana Feroze is the owner of advertising agency The Silver Kick Company, and co-owner of Lace Love, a lace business that she started with her mother. She is a Les Mills fitness instructor, teaching BodyCombat and BodyBalance classes. She is also a published author with her first book Loving Yourself In Style. She enjoys dressing up, chasing her passions, traveling the world, staying fit and encouraging people to do the same. She lives in Bahrain with her family of humans and cats.] (facebook= (instagram= (twitter= (bloglovin= (pinterest=

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