Knee length boots in Summer? Yes, because I want to.

Top: Playlife, Blazer, Jeans and Earrings: H&M, Boots: Payless, Ring on right hand:  India, left: gifted, Watch: Swatch
It's summer. The temperature is around 40 degrees centigrade. The heat is blistering. Everywhere I look, women are wearing flat Roman sandals. Yet I wanted to wear boots. I wanted to I wanted to I wanted to. So I wore them. (I feel pity on my mom who was subjected to my brand of stubbornness when I was growing up).

I don't care about what people will think. I wanted to wear them, so I did. I actually put my outfit together for the boots. And I'm not giving any justification that I'm indoors anyways and every place is airconditioned, so I don't feel hot in them. (See the sneaky way I actually gave my justification?) 

So just do what you want to. Stop overthinking what people will say or how they'll react. The only thing that's important is your own thoughts and happiness. Put. Yourself. First.

P.S: If you're conceited and vain, please ignore the above advice. 

Happy Weekend!
Shabana Feroze


  1. Hi Shabana!

    I love the high-heel boots!! and the diamond jewellery!!! Where do you get all the gorgeous stuff?

    How is your kitten? Does she still play with your hair? She is so cute.

    I would love to go shopping with you.

  2. Hi Emma!

    I get all the gorgeous stuff from different shops. I know what I want, then I go looking for it, find it and get it for myself!

    My kitten is very good. She still plays with my hair. And she jumps all over the house, and runs around.

    I would love to go shopping with you too, Princess.

  3. Very stylish young woman. I am your new GFC follower. I am following from Terri's Wordless Wednesday.

  4. Hey Patricia!

    Thank you SO much! You've got some great blogs going on!


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