Don't forget to dress your feet!

Clothes and Belt: Mango, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Earrings: Accessorize,  Ring: Gold Souk, Bracelet: India, Watch: Swatch what do we learn from this? Two things: 1. I have huge feet. 2. My kitten is tiny.  (I'm such a genius.)
Today I wanted to go for a dreamy, breezy, romantic but no-nonsense look. So I paired my pencil skirt with this chiffon-ey paisley print top. I adore the bow on this blouse. And of course, the bishop sleeves, my favourite kind. And I completed the look with my double- platform pumps to bring an oomph.

Which made me think, I wonder why so many women forget that their shoes finish the look? I've seen many women wearing outfits put really well together, and then they kill the whole thing by wearing horrible shoes. 

I used to work for a lady who used to wear smart, formal clothes to the office daily. I really liked her well-tailored button-downs and formal trousers. She used to match the colours well too. But what would she wear on her feet? 
I kid you not. 
I HATE flip-flops. I wonder why they haven't been banned from production by the fashion police yet? Together with Ugg boots. Which should be renamed Uch boots. 

So remember to finish off your look with shoes that go with your outfit. You don't want someone to look at you from head to toe, thinking, "Wow, nice, nice," and when they reach your feet "Arrgghh!".
Shabana Feroze


  1. Hi Shabana,
    You look so nice in that blouse.
    Your kitten is adorable.
    Mom is crazy for your shoes and we both love paisley!!!
    See you tomorrow.

  2. Hey Emma!
    Thank you Princess!
    Tell Mom to get shoes like those, it's not hard to walk in them!
    You'll see me tomorrow, but when do I get to see you? Send me some photos of you on
    Lots of love,

  3. Hi! Following you from a blog hop!:0)
    Hope you visit me and return the follow!

    Btw if you like please join the Treasure Trove Tribune! I think you will enjoy it!:0)

  4. FINALLY! Someone that gets it! LOL I feel the exact same way you do. NO flip flops and UGGS should be banned for life. I don't even do sneakers ever. If I am exercising, my shoes consist of a pair of jazz style shoes. :)

  5. Hi Tanya!

    Thanks for the follow! You have a great blog going on!

  6. Hey Mel!
    Yes, I'm the same. NO ugly footwear. unfortunately I HAVE to wear sneakers for my gym classes because of all the running and jumping and kicking I do. But those are the ugliest I have, I swear.


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