Tuesday, 13 March 2012

C'mon Summer!

Rings: Left: from India, Right: from Bahrain, Bracelet: Gifted
Blazer and Pants: Zara, Top: H&M, Shoes: New Look, Necklace: Gifted

I'm back in Dubai! I had an interview today so I'm all suited up. I always wear red to an interview but I wanted to break that habit and so wore blue today. Let's hope it's lucky! I'm glad Dubai's warmer than Bahrain. I'm so over this winter! I want summmmeeeerrrr! (The 5 year old in me really wants to throw a tantrum) I'm feeling so optimistic about it getting warmer that I threw in my denim shorts while packing. I've missed them so much! I mean, whatever happened to global warming?


  1. Winter in Bahrain or Dubai is nothing compared to winter in Canada. In middle east it is more like spring! :P I miss middle eastern "winteerr"

  2. I can't imagine! Canadian winter would be a nightmare for me!