Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Little Delights Tuesday

Green beads: Vintage, Black and white necklace: H&M
Shirt: Miss Selfridge, Skirt: Koton, Shoes: New Look, Belt: from Rome, Hairband: H&M, Bangles: Various, Ring: Vintage, Watch: Swatch
  • Finding a hidden stash of chocolate.
  • Late night long drives on empty roads with me, my thoughts and my music.
  • Long emails full of appreciation and compliments.
  • Being missed by distant friends and being told. Over and over.
  • My cat's loud purring when I come home.
  • A really good back massage.
  • Re-reading an old book and discovering it all over again.
  • Being really annoyed and getting a one-line text from a friend and poof! Annoyance gone.
  • Piling on accessories like I did today: two necklaces, lots of bangles, a ring, earrings, belt AND a hairband.
Tell me your little delights! Happy Tuesday!