Caring For Your Shoes

I have over 50 pairs of shoes {yes, I finally admitted it.}. From flats {*makes dry-retching sounds*} to 6 inch heels to my beloved boots, I've got them all. And since I don't have a money tree growing in my apartment balcony, I wear my shoes until they fall apart. Here's what I do to take care of my footwear.

Suede and Leather
Suede and leather shoes are gorgeous to look at, but difficult to care for. However, it's easy if you have the right tools. Here's what I use.

For leather

Aldo Leather Protect. All you have to do is spray your leather shoes and boots with it. It protects them from rain, snow, salt damage {much required in this humidity!} and prevents stains from setting in. 

For suede
Tarrago Nubuck Suede Renovator

This spray claims to waterproof your suede shoes and keep the color from fading. I don't know about the waterproofing, but it has helped immensely from letting sand stick to my shoes and ruin them. Sand does still stick to them, but it's very easy to brush off, with the help of my...

Suede Brush

If you have suede shoes, you can't live without this brush. It has special plastic-spongey bristles for loosening dirt from suede, and also normal bristles for brushing. You can see how much I use it from how dirty the sponge is! Also, it's not expensive, as you can see from the price tag still on it. This brush is from Shoe Mart as well. 

If you don't have Shoe Mart or Aldo in your country, just get a leather protector spray, a suede protector spray and a suede brush from any good shoe store. 

Mud Stains
For cleaning leather shoes, a soft cloth is enough. Dampen it with water to get mud stains out. For suede, remember to let the mud dry first. Then brush it off using the suede brush.

Water stains
Remember, water is the enemy of both leather and suede. While wearing these shoes is not the best time to go splashing in puddles. If you get a water stain on your suede shoes and the stained part has become a darker color that refuses to go back to the original shoe color, don't cry. Just dampen the entire shoe with a damp cloth or a water spray. Blot the excess water with a dry cloth. Now your entire shoe will be of one color, even if it's a shade darker. You're welcome. 

I have many pairs of tall boots. I never want them to lose their shape and structure, so I always keep boot-holders inside them.

I know, they look like high-tech gadgetry made to hurt someone, but they're just shoe care accessories. {Although I'm tempted to try using them as weapons.} The large green one is what I use to keep my suede slouchy boots held up, and for my leather boots I use the simpler plastic ones that work by clamping both boots together, keeping them upright.

 As soon as I buy boots I buy boot-holders. There are many different types available depending on the material of your boots and how high they are. In Bahrain you can get boot-holders for very cheap in Daiso Stores. In other places they're available in discount stores and shoe shops. 

Bonus tip
 Keep a good cobbler or shoe-maker close by. I have had my shoes and boots repaired numerous times. A good cobbler will be able to fix almost anything, even a broken sole {not to be confused with a broken soul. I'm not sure that can be fixed}. And the advantage of living in Bahrain is that there are many cobblers around and they do the work for a very reasonable amount. {I can almost hear my readers in Europe and US groan in envy}.

If you're a dude and you're reading this, all my tips above can be used for caring for your shoes as well. Now aren't you glad you read a girl's blog?

So in conclusion, care for your shoes and they'll care for you.
Wait, that's not right.
Oh well.


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