Friends and mini-me's at the park

I had promised, in this cuteness overload post, to show you pictures of my friend Fazela and me together. But before that, a bit of background story. I've known Fazela since I was born and I was with her when she first met her husband while we were all in college. Fast-forward a few years later, they got married, had two kids and now live happily ever after in Kuwait. Somewhere after her wedding we lost contact with each other. But she's here now, visiting her family in Bahrain and I'm meeting her now after all the fast-forwarding! It's weird, in a wonderful way, when you meet your best friend and there are mini-me's of her around. 

Last evening I took the mom and tots to the park, and here are a few pictures!


It's been a lovely last few weeks catching up with her and getting to know her kids. Saying goodbye is always sad but at least Kuwait is not that far away and the tickets aren't that expensive! 

And now for the exciting news I've been dying to tell you. I leave on Sunday for a two week holiday to Thailand. *cue cheering and fanfare* 

I am soooo looking forward to the sun, sea, beaches, rain and massages, massages, massages! This will be my second solo vacation after Italy and I can't wait! So Gorgeous Reader, I won't be posting from there, but I'll be updating my facebook and twitter, so that's where you can stalk me until I'm back. 

Miss me. I know I'll miss you! xoxo

Shabana Feroze

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  1. Enjoy..and ooohh the massages!!!!! Well deserved, I'm sure! Very cute kids!


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