Style Case Study: Victoria Beckham

One of the best-dressed celebrities and ladies, according to me, is Victoria Beckham. Whether it's on the red carpet or just out and about, she's always stylishly turned out. I decided to do a style case study on her and show you how she manages to be such a style goddess.

1. She keeps it simple. 
A pencil skirt with a loose blouse. A dress simply paired with gorgeous shoes. A simple top and trousers. She knows keeping it simple is keeping it classy.  

2. She knows what works for her, and she sticks to it.
For instance, she loves pencil dresses and pencil skirts. She knows that these flatter her figure and her personality, so she repeats them, in brilliant different combinations and styles.

3. Her penchant for structure.
Every outfit I've seen on her is extremely well-fitted and seems like it's made for her. {Which it probably is}. She knows that wearing structured, streamlined clothes, does wonders for your look.

4. She repeats classics.
A white tee, black blazer and denim shorts is a basic, yet eternally classy look. VB knows this and isn't afraid to rock these kind of classic outfits, again and again. 

 5. She doesn't try too hard or dress too 'starry'.
I love that Victoria does a lot of girl-next-door outfits like a simple A-line skirt and a top. She's not constantly looking for the next trend or trying to look quirky, like other stars.

6. It's all about the shoes.
If there ever was a living style icon showing how the right shoes can make an outfit, it would be VB. She knows that  you can carry off the simplest of outfits like a top and skinnies beautifully, with the right pair of heels.

7. She breaks rules.
Fashion rules, that is. VB is petite. Petite women are usually told not to wear long coats and high-waisted flares because it would make them look shorter and bulky. Yet she knows that these looks work for her, and she carries them with panache.

8. The sunglasses and bag.
No matter what she's wearing when she's out and about, she has on a fabulous pair of sunglasses and a fabulous handbag, which totally make her outfit. For instance, this has to be one of the simplest ensembles I've seen her in: a tank top and flares.Yet it looks polished because of the sunnies and handbag.

9. She's always well-groomed. 
Her hair and make-up are impeccable, all the time. Which makes every outfit look all that more amazing. This outfit is one of my personal faves. A simple man's shirt with sleeves pushed up, printed pencil skirt and pumps. And hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail. overall effect: Wow.

10. She doesn't make excuses.
I mean, come on, this is a busy mom of 4, which includes one toddler, she's a businesswoman in her own right, yet no matter what, she's always well-turned-out. My kind of woman. {And no, she doesn't have a personal stylist.} 

So, any questions?  ;)

Shabana Feroze


  1. She has always been classy for as long as I can remember. I wish I could pull of her style with clothes, shoes and accessories. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, she's very consistent, isn't she? You're most welcome!


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