Crumpled, hassled, hustled, bustled, and every other -led

Dress: Own design, Necklace, Watch, Ring: Vintage, Bag: Gifted, Shoes: DIY.

Yesterday was one of those days. Where it just went on and on and on and on. It started out in the morning by me attending a store opening {I'll blog about this huge French shop later, watch this space!}. Then I went to donate clothes to a local animal charity. {Huh. Sounds funny when I put it like that. Like the animals wear clothes. Actually, the animal charity has a shop where they sell donated items.} From there to a supermarket, had lunch, {I know, scintillating stuff}, then blog pictures, and lastly, went for a walk {the weather! *cartoon hearts shooting out of eyes*}.

I changed into my Combat clothes as I had to go to the gym to take two classes back-to-back, when I discovered I forgot to pack my sports shoes when I packed my gym bag last night.


Cue much frustration and swearing, I went to the gym wearing my ballet flats {thankfully I keep a pair in my car at all times. Imagine how I'd look wearing Combat fight shorts with high heels}, and luckily, the gym is inside a mall. Even more luckily, a new sports shop just opened opposite the gym. With ten minutes for my class to start, I ran into the shop, bought a pair of overpriced sports shoes, and ran back into the gym.

I did the two classes. By this time it was 9 pm. You'd think my day would finish, wouldn't you? But noooooo... As I sat in my car in the parking lot, ready to go home and collapse, a friend called me and told me I had to come to a mall for another friend's birthday dinner. Sigh. I went back up to the gym, changed from my yoga leggings and top back into this dress and heels, and drove to the mall. And yes, after the dinner I finally got to go home.

So that explains my title. And why my dress is so crumpled.

Also, the moral of today's story: when you know you're in for a long day, all you need is waterproof mascara, comfy high heels, and a lipstick that goes on and on and on and on...

P.P.S: If you've been clever, {not to mention a devoted reader}, you'll notice that my shoes have been revamped. These were plain nude shoes to which I glued on sequins on the heels because the heels were all scuffed but the rest of the shoe still looked great. I'm really proud of my handiwork and rescuing skills. You like?

Shabana Feroze


  1. Those sequiny heels are genius! rumpled but not it's all good :-)

  2. You're still Gorgeous, indeed, my Friend. Your smile still puts the Sun to it's hiding place. Great idea with shoes))))))))))))))))))) Gorgeous, intelligent, independent and ingenious. WOW!!!!!!

    1. Awww.. thank you George! You never fail to make me smile! :D


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