What I Never Forget To Take On A Flight

Yes, you've got to carry your passport and your tickets, whether on your phone or as printouts (I prefer both. No room for risks.), but what about all the other stuff you need when you're on a flight? I travel quite a bit and on long flights, and these are the things I NEVER leave behind:

1. A backpack.
Thank god backpacks are back. And there are stylish, girly ones available too. The smartest travel essential I bought earlier this year is my Parfois backpack. Carrying a backpack means your hands are free and you don't one achy shoulder from an overstuffed handbag.

2. Fuzzy socks.
If your feet are warm, your whole body is warm. Thick, fuzzy socks are perfect for when the flight gets too cold and your feet are freezing.

3. Headphones.
You've got to have headphones for noisy airports and noisy airplanes. You can buy bigger ones that cancel out noise better, but I like my Samsung headphones just fine.

4. Business cards.
You never know who you meet on a flight or at an airport. On one long flight I was sitting next to the Assistant Professor of Marketing of Nottingham University in the UK. {I'm a Marketing Consultant so having her on a 7 hour flight to chat with, was great.} I'm glad I had my business cards on me when she asked for one.

5. Power bank.
I can't leave home without a fully charged power bank. It's even more essential when you're travelling and your phone/ tablet is about to die on you.

6. Bottle of water.
It's so important to stay hydrated when you're flying. But many people forget to take a bottle of water with them when they go to the airport. I always take a half-filled bottle from home. Almost all airports have drinking water fountains and I top up my bottle there. And yes, some airports may take your bottle at security screenings, but that's okay with me. At least I had it up to that point. Also, most airports will let you take an empty bottle through. Just drink all the water before your security screening and fill it up again once through and you'll have your bottle of water with you on the flight. I can't sit through a flight without a bottle of water!

7. Charger.
Essential if you need to plug in and recharge your phone/ tablet/ power bank when you have access to plug points/ charging stations at airports.

8. Books on your phone.
I stopped buying physical books a long time back. I simply don't have the space anymore at home to store them. All my books are on my phone which doubles as my book reader. Before travelling I make sure I have plenty of books on my phone.

9. Long scarf.
A long scarf is so, so important when you're flying. Airports around the world are cold, cold, cold and a long scarf can be used in many ways, not just to keep you warm. It can keep your neck warm, you can wrap it around your shoulders, drape it over your legs when sitting, or scrunch it up and use it as a pillow. The one in the picture was gifted to me but any big cotton scarf will do.

10. Home-made trail mix.
I never leave home without a trail mix when I travel. Hunger can strike at any time while you're flying and a home-made trail mix of roasted nuts will keep the hunger away until your next meal. I roast raw nuts at home and carry a mix of them in a Ziploc bag or any plastic bag. Just note, don't mix raisins with roasted nuts as the nuts will become soft.

11. Mints.
Because who likes airplane breath.

12. Lip balm.
My lips tend to dry out super-quick in the cold air-conditioning of airports and flights which is why I always keep a lip balm handy. I love my Lucas Papaw Ointment and use it as a lip balm, among other things.

13. Moisturizer.
The cold air in flights dries out skin and a cold cream is essential to restore moisture. I prefer carrying just one simple face moisturizer that can double up as a hand moisturizer if needed.

14. Make up wipes.
Perfect for removing your make up when you're ready to sleep on the flight. I don't leave home without my Travel Make Up Wipes by Inglot.

Those are my flight essentials. Of course, I haven't mentioned a few such as glasses, contact lens case and lens solution, but those are more specific to me as I wear contact lenses. But what about you? What are the flight/ travel essentials you can't leave home without? What would you add to my list?Let me know in the comments below.

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