Cath Kidston Travel Essentials

I'm always on the lookout for user-friendly travel items that will make a trip easier and more organized. I found a few such items at Cath Kidston, which will make my trips much more comfortable {not to mention prettier!}.

The Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are made, to state the obvious, specifically for travel. I've seen many travel wallets before but I love this one for its simplicity of design, and compartments to hold your passport, boarding pass, currency, cards, and a pen. I love that it has 'Passport' and 'Boarding Pass' printed inside. No more rushing through an airport wondering which pocket you've kept your travel documents in!

The Weekend Bag: 

I have wanted a weekend bag for ages now, but I wasn't able to find one anywhere in Bahrain. What I mean by a weekend bag {or an overnight bag} is that it has a compartment on the bottom for keeping shoes {or anything else for that matter}. This is the perfect bag for weekend trips to Dubai or just as an add-on your luggage on longer trips.

Travel Backpack:

I am SO glad that backpacks are back, and so many brands have feminine, pretty ones. Backpacks are a MUST for travelling, especially when you're going on long walks exploring new cities. A handbag will always leave you with one achy shoulder, but a backpack distributes the weight and leaves your hands free. I already have one, as seen in this post, but soon enough I realized one major flaw in it- no pocket for a bottle. When you're walking around you don't want to remove your backpack again and again to drink water. This white floral one has a bottle holder on each side {YAY!}, and another great feature- it folds up to look like the pouch I'm holding. In fact both the weekend bag as well as the backpack fold up into smaller pouches-

The backpack and the weekend bag, as seen open full. Also pictured are my business card holder and travel wallet. 

Both bags folded up into their pouches. This is great as you can carry them in your handbag or travel luggage and open them when you need to.

In addition to these they also have bigger carry-on bags, trolley bags and other travel bags. They have many more bags that fold up into smaller bags. Right now they have a buy one get one free offer on many items, going on until the end of Ramadan. {They're located in City Centre, on the first floor.}

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Thank you Cath Kidston for partnering on this post.

Shabana Feroze

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