Cherry Red, Black and a Pop of White + Hopes For Eid

Top: Koton
Skirt: Zara
Necklace, Rings: Gifted
Bag: Aldo
Photos: Nada Qamber

A black pencil skirt is such a no-brainer, and it always looks elegant. Plus the great thing about black is that it tones down other colors, like the bright red of this top. This top was a recent purchase from Koton, and when I was shopping there I fell in love with their collection. There were so many colors! As a person who loves color in her outfits, it annoys me when all the brands are doing grey/black/navy/beige. SO frustrating! I love wearing color so much that I tend to shop according to what color is missing in my closet. I look at my clothes and think, "Hmm, I need more tops in red. I need lighter colored skirts. A few more light green shirts will be great." So I was very happy to see lots of different colors and shades in different clothes in Koton. This top is full-sleeved, but you don't feel warm in it as it's a light cotton blend. You don't always want to be wearing arm-baring blouses in summer. SOmetimes only full-sleeves will do. I had been looking for the right neckline to wear this mother-of-pearl necklace, and the wide boat neck of this top is perfect. I love how the deep red makes the white of the necklace stand out. 

Moving on, it's Monday and there's a week left for Ramadan to finish. Yay! I. Cannot. Wait. I'm looking forward to a quiet Eid where I can just sit at home, read and sketch. But seeing how I thought Ramadan would be quiet and relaxed, and it turned out to be the exact opposite, I don't know how Eid will turn out!

What plans do you have for Eid? Will you be travelling or staying in? Leave a comment below!

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Shabana Feroze

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