Blue 50s Dress & Dressing for YOUR Body

I can't believe that today is the last day of August. This month has felt like it was a decade long. It just yawned on and on and on. And now the temperatures have fallen ever so slightly, yet surprisingly, you can feel a difference. I can actually go a few hours without the air-con. It feels like summer is almost coming to an end {or is it?}. And as usual, every year, by the end of August, I feel a desperate need to wear all my cute and light sun dresses and sleeveless tops and light skirts before the weather becomes chilly and I'll be ensconced in layers. But maybe I'll still be wearing sun dresses and summer wear long into the next few months because, hello global warming! Our winters are now almost non-existent and even though I'm not a big fan of the cold, I find myself looking at bloggers in other parts of the world wearing cute fall and winter stuff and I find myself yearning to wear my pretty coats, fluffy sweaters and scarves. 

Coming back to this summer and the present, this dress is a lovely light material, and I fell instantly in love with it because of its 50s shape. My body is straight and A-line dresses flatter my shape by giving an illusion of curves. But more than that, I've always been in love with dresses and skirts that flare out, and I love the classic shape and clean lines of 50s dresses such as this one. The really simple boat neck and the sleeveless cut make it look and feel so elegant. And of course, the gorgeously soothing seafoam color {blue? blue green?} and the large floral print sealed the deal for me. I love it so much I have the same dress in white too. You must have noticed it in this post. If you didn't, shame on you. 

The few drawbacks of this dress are that it has no lining inside, and there are no loops for the belt. I'm wearing cycling shorts under the dress, and I'm going to get my mom to stitch two simple thread loops on the sides of the waist to hold the belt in place. I wore this dress on the weekend on a night out with the cousins. {Which explains the glasses. I take a break from my contact lenses on the weekends}. I matched these vintage-y looking earrings with emerald and ruby colored stones to the greens and reds in the dress, and a blue cuff with the blue {seafoam?} of the dress. An emerald green handbag and navy pumps kept the outfit looking coordinated and colorful, while also 'grounding' the entire look.

It's important to know what your body type is like, and then dress in the clothes that flatter it the most. I don't really care for the apple, pear, banana shapes stylists keep talking about. I just think you need to know what are the best things about your body, what you don't like about it, and then find ways to show off your good parts while minimizing the ones you don't like. And if that sounds too complicated, then just reach for whatever you think looks good, try it on, see if it makes you look good, repeat the same with lots of different shapes and cuts, and then keep in mind the ones that made you go WOW. I wouldn't worry so much about what doesn't look good on you. Over time your body shape may change, your personality may evolve, and what didn't look good then would make you look like a thousand bucks now. Or simply, a clothing item from one store will look absolutely rubbish on you, but the same cut may look great on you from another store. Really small things like where the pockets are placed, the stiffness of a collar, or just the texture of a material can change the way YOU look in it. So try loads of stuff on. Find what looks good on you. Stick to it, enjoy it, but also, never stop experimenting. Because dressing up is one of the most fun things about life and it should stay that way.

P.S: Eid is here. Which means... THE LONG WEEKEND. YEEEESSSSSS!

P.P.S: Eid Mubarak!

Dress: Romwe, Cuff, Watch, Earrings, Bah: Gifted, Shoes: Primark

Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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