The Ultimate Wardrobe Detox Guide

There are several reasons due to which the minimalism movement is gaining momentum, and not just in fashion, but life in general. The core idea of minimalism, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t revolve around classic and timeless garments in neutral and non-colors, although it’s a part of it. No, minimalism is about simplicity and things that add true value to your life, whether it’s time management, unnecessary and toxic relationships, as well as redundant items cluttering your space – clothes included.

Now, for many people, the idea of a wardrobe detox is as terrifying as it is appealing. They’re tempted to clean and clear, but are also reluctant to let go. There are items in your wardrobe that you spent good money on, items that have a sentimental value and things you may wear again someday. Well, it’s time to get rid of those fears and jump on the detox train. Once you get started you’ll become instantly aware of the benefits (and the fun of it).
A wardrobe detox will not only help you declutter, but will give you the gift of time. Because once you’ve cleansed, you’ll be surprised by the sense of liberation. Not to mention that your outfit creating process will become incomparably easier. The best part though, is the fact that it will give you the opportunity to define and refine your sense of style, and once you have a clear vision of your fashion persona, that’s where the real fun begins. So, let’s see how to go about it, and trust us, it’s way simpler than you imagine it.

Edit mercilessly

The general rule when kicking off the detox process is that everything that you haven’t worn for a year must go. No, you won’t wear it again, and you know it, so it goes. Second in line is the ‘sentimental pile’. Although these pieces remind you of a happy occasion – you know they’re outdated and you’ll never wear them again. Your memories are etched in your mind, and you don’t need a garment in order to remember them.

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 Clothes that give you a headache definitely need to be parted from. You always have a difficult time combining them and they were probably an impulse purchase that you regretted immediately. Now, the toughest category is the ‘pricey’ one. You feel most reluctant to part from these items because you spent a great deal of money on them. You just need to make peace with the fact that the money is already gone, and keeping what you won’t be using is only wasting your space now. Give them away, sell them, but make the tough choice and send them away.

Starting over

Once you’ve bared your closet, it’s time to see what made the cut. The first items you need to look for are your essentials. Essentials are items that truly reflect your style, are highly versatile and easy to combine, have a timeless quality to them, are well-tailored, made from quality fabrics, and most importantly, fit perfectly. These should include a pair of classic black trousers, a trench coat in a neutral hue, a coat, a leather jacket, timeless dresses and skirts, classic watches and shoes.

If you see that your wardrobe is lacking in the essentials department, go shopping and bear this list in mind.

Making a statement

If you’ve ever seen the fashion guru Tim Gunn in action in his What Not to Wear show, you are familiar with the fact that once he’s done editing someone’s wardrobe, he takes them shopping for essentials and then rewards them with one item he usually refers to as ‘the indulgent item’. More often than not, this is a tad extravagant statement dress. When shopping for statement pieces, it’s paramount to look for amazingly tailored dresses that will leave everyone in awe; the wow effect is what a statement piece is all about. These dresses, as well as a few statement tops and skirts, should be stunning and make you ready to go as soon as you put them on – no accessories required.

One thing to always keep in mind is that you shouldn’t purchase too many of them. They’re to be worn for special occasions, so you need to be guided by the ‘quality over quantity’ mantra.

Last but not least

Your wardrobe detox can’t possibly be complete without a good number of basics. These include, but are not limited to, regular T-shirts in several (highly combinable) colors, a few great pairs of jeans for your body type, two to three pairs of flats, one or two blazers, a white shirt, and a few great sweaters.

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That’s it, you’re done. Now, no one says you should limit yourself to these pieces and never make another purchase. The point is to create a wardrobe that will represent a base on which you will build up when necessary, keeping in mind what you own and how a potential new garment fits into the picture.  

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I hope you found that article by Sophia on wardrobe detoxing useful! Fall and winter are coming soon so it's the perfect time to clear out the junk! Keep only the clothes you absolutely love and you won't be in a 'What should I wear' situation any day! 

Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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