Black Double Ruffles, Self-Striped Skirt + My Paradox of Relaxing



Woohoo! Winter is finally here! These photos were taken when it was hotter, obviously, but I'm so happy the climate is cooler now! I'm such a big scaredy-cat when it comes to colder weather though. The day the temperature dropped, I got all my winter clothes out of storage. I don't like feeling cold. It's horrible. It's uncomfortable. All you can focus on is how cold you are. Or at least, that's me. But yes, I am enjoying the cool breeze, the clouds, the occasional drizzle and the crispness in the air that's there right now.

I saw this skirt when I was on the way out of Primark during my holiday earlier this year in Amsterdam. I was in a rush and I remember spotting it on the way down on the escalator and I ran to grab it in my size and took it to the counter without even trying it on, which is my golden rule for shopping- every piece shall be trieth on. As soon as I was back in my hotel room I tried it on, of course. I had been looking for a midi skirt in baby blue, which is why I was so excited when I spotted it. Plus it's not just a plain skirt. It has fun alternating see-through stripes with a shorter lining inside.

I paired it with a black double-ruffle sleeved top from ASOS which makes the blue of the skirt stand out. I'm still obsessed with ruffle sleeves, or bell sleeves as we used to call them when I was in college and they were a massive trend back then too. I love how they make a top look feminine, delicate and add that flair. I wore a tan belt to cinch in the waist more. I accessorized with a bronze chain necklace with pretty colourful stones that pop on the black, bangles in the same bronze shade and a leather strap watch. An oversized bag and black ankle boots completed the look. I love the combination of ankle boots with a skirt because of the way the boots fierce up the skirt. This is a good look for coffee with friends or for the weekend. For work, you can swap the boots for pumps or ballet flats.

Today has been really funny though. My evening plans got cancelled, which consisted of my Balance class and a meeting after the class. Suddenly I have nothing to do. I've been so busy the last few days that my mind's having a tough time accepting that I have free time. I keep thinking I'm missing something. I can't shake off the sense of urgency. Sigh. It's not a nice affliction, I tell you. In any case, trying to relax has always been a difficult task for me. I'm so neurotic that when I want to relax I have to have everything just right {getting the bed and my snacks ready for reading, or getting the popcorn, blankets, room temperature, etc ready for watching a movie in my room} that I end up spending more time setting up my relaxation than I do relax! Which is why I love my classes so much. They force me out of the chaos of my work, I get to meet my lovely students and once I finish the class, I'm so tired that my brain can't help but shut down. It's a sweet scam.

Top: ASOS, Skirt: Primark, Belt: Massimo Dutti, Accessories: Gifted, Shoes: New Look

Until next time

Shabana Feroze

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