Winter Colours And A Sharp White Jacket + Business Busyness

This has got to be one of the oldest jackets I own. It must be 10 years old, at least. I still love it, and it hasn't lost its shape or structure. Yay, Zara! The material is 100% cotton, but it's a thick weave meaning the jacket is a bit on the heavier side. That's probably why I don't wear it so often. Because Bahrain is hot and humid the whole year round. Having said that, it's still one of my favourite jackets. The straight lines of the cut and the structure make it timeless. From the pointy front tails to the collar, this jacket screams sharpness and power. The thickness of the material means that a defined cut really stands out. I love the zip detailing on it the sleeves and on the pockets. It has pockets! Like most jackets I own and love, the tails are longer in the front but the jacket is waist height at the back. Great for a tall and straight frame like mine.

I used the jacket as the neutral piece in this outfit of mustard and forest green. Since the top and pants are flowy and a loose fit, the sharpness of the jacket pull the ensemble together. What's interesting is though all three pieces are more or less made of cotton, the texture of each piece is different, adding to the look. The mustard blouse is a thinner, light material. The blouse has full sleeves, a high neck and a few gathers at the neck. I'm finding that I've suddenly become partial to these kinds of necklines. 

The pants are a thicker material with a buttery crepe-like feel to them. This makes them flow beautifully around you as you walk. Both the blouse and pants are in rich winter shades, perfect for the pseudo-winter we're having. I wore this on a windy day when a full-sleeved blouse worn with a heavy jacket was enough. The advantage of wide leg pants is that you can easily wear thermal pants under them. I haven't got them on in this look, but I did wear them with other outfits with wide leg pants when it was colder.

With so much going on in the neck area with the high-neck, the pleats and the sharp collar of the jacket, I wore small but shiny studs on my ears. I added an intricate bangle and a ring on my hands and finished with a maroon statement bag.

I'm absolutely loving the trend of block heels that's popped up in all sorts of shoes. Pencil heels look great, but block heels are a heaven-sent in terms of comfort. For those times when you need to be on your feet the whole day but you also need to look sharp, and flats just won't do, block heels are great. I've taken to ordering my shoes online as I find it so hard to get my enormous shoe size here in Bahrain. I'm really happy with this pair. The grey looks formal, serious and so elegant. And of course, being a neutral colour, they go with everything. 

Find out more about how to pick the best accessories, bags and shoes, in the chapter of Fashion and Style, in my book, Loving Yourself In Style. It's available in Bahrain in Jashanmal and Words Book Store, and everywhere online. 

A few of you have asked me about my skincare and makeup routine. I've been meaning to do a tutorial for both, but finding the time just to do an outfit post is so difficult nowadays. But I promise I'll do the tutorials, and show you what products I'm using, soon. The biggest problem in running your own business is that you're working 24/7. Because I'm running two businesses {Lace Love and The Silver Kick Company. Sneaky and shameless plugs, I know}, trying to promote my book, teaching fitness classes and maintaining this blog, it just seems that there's never any time for myself. Unfortunately, I'm the kind of person who never feels satisfied unless I'm doing a million things. Which is why I've learned to make sure that those things are all those I love, not just those I can do. That's the key. Do a lot of things, but make sure you love each of them. A lot.

Jacket: Zara, Top and Pants: Koton, Bag, Bangle: Gifted, Shoes: bought online

Until next time

Shabana Feroze

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