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I've recently had to get a lot of dental work done. I've completed two root canals {sounds painful but trust me, with the right dentist it's not} and now my dentist is almost finished with some work on my front teeth. This work directly affects my smile. Throughout this entire process, I have realized the importance of not just healthy teeth, but a good-looking smile.

Having a great smile, one that you are proud to show off, is so important to feeling great about yourself. I have seen way too many women cover their mouths while smiling or laughing because they're insecure about how their teeth look when they smile.

A genuinely happy smile doesn't just show how comfortable you are with yourself, but it's also one of the biggest giveaways of your personality. Someone with a big and vibrant smile looks happy with themselves and their life, and you feel like you can talk to them. But someone who almost never smiles or doesn't show their teeth while smiling seems like they're fake and/ or hiding something, right?

You may think it's silly to make pre-judged assumptions based on a smile, but studies show that we make a decision about someone within two minutes of meeting them. Imagine if you gave off the wrong impression simply because of how you smiled.

With all that in mind, I decided to write a post with a few tips on how you can achieve that perfect smile. Read on below:

Clean your teeth

An obvious one, but one that needs to be a part of this list. Teeth need regular maintenance just like any other part of your body. Regularly cleaning your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste allows you to protect your teeth from things like gum disease and tooth decay. The food we eat has ingredients such as sugar or acid that can erode our teeth if we don’t keep them clean. Not to mention the bad breath that'll ensure you have no love life.


Sometimes cleaning your teeth isn’t enough. Your toothbrush can do its best but food gets into nooks and gaps in your teeth. If they aren't removed they can rot your teeth. Flossing is a great way to make sure every bit of food is removed from your teeth. Plus, it gives a really clean feeling to your mouth. I like to carry dental floss in my handbag. You can floss after every meal. Although once a day is enough. 

Professional scaling/ polishing

You can get your teeth professionally deep cleaned by a dental hygienist. My dentist recommended I get this done once every year. Scaling and polishing by a dental hygienist can be a really simple solution to your teeth looking yellow or unclean because of plaque build-up. It makes your smile look so much better after and your teeth feel super clean. 

Cosmetic enhancements

As I mentioned before, you might be holding your smile back because you're conscious of how your teeth look. You're not alone. A lot of people feel the same about their teeth. Thankfully, with all the dental advancements today, you can visit your local dentist who can suggest various options that you can consider for making your teeth look as beautiful as you want them to. This might be straightening and realigning or an option like veneers. You'll be able to discuss what you don’t like and the dentist will be best placed to tell you what they can do. 

Teeth whitening

If it isn’t the shape or alignment of your teeth that's making you feel insecure but the colour of your teeth, then why not consider teeth whitening? Whiter teeth will give you a better sense of confidence once the treatment is done. Cosmetic dentists can get rid of any stains on your teeth that may have been caused by drinking tea and coffee or other drinks. Teeth whitening is something that can be done easily. You can even consider buying special toothpaste or a teeth whitening kit if you don’t fancy heading to a dentist. 

Regular trips to the dentist

Again, an obvious one, but it's something we forget so easily. It' definitely the cause of me having to get a lot of work done all at once. Keeping a regular appointment schedule with your dentist is so important for good dental health. Putting a reminder in my Google Calendar helps me not forget to book regular appointments. Do whatever works for you, but don't forget to go get those regular check-ups. It could be the difference between doing a simple filling or having to get a lengthy root canal procedure done.

I hope these tips helped and that you're motivated to make sure your smile looks as sexy as you want it to. ;)

Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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