5 Ways to Properly Wind Down after a Workout

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If you prefer exercising in the afternoon or evening, or that’s just simply when you have free time after work, it’s important to wind down before bed. Fitness experts usually recommend doing exercise a few hours before your bedtime as optimum, because then you’ll have time to relax. 

Doing any kind of sport gets your heart pumping and gives you an energy boost. It’s important to make sure you do a proper cool down afterwards to bring your heart rate back down. In addition to stretching and relaxing the muscles, this also helps to soothe your mind.

Here are five relaxing ways to wind down after a workout.


If you can afford the luxury, massage is ideal. For any sports injures, aches or pains look into physiotherapy as well. If you’re stuck at home alone, or your partner isn’t heavy-handed enough, get creative. A tennis ball makes a good massage prop. Take a look at this video tutorial

Breathing exercises

Some people prefer meditation and mindful activities after a workout. For a beginner, a good way to start is with some breathing exercises. Cross your arms over your stomach and try to breathe deeply in and out through your diagram. Proper breathing is also an important part of yoga. Try out these yoga breathing exercises and accompanying poses. 

Proper stretches

Stretching needs to be controlled, careful, and take time. Speak to a personal trainer about how to stretch properly after your particular choice of sport. Your online and app workout routines should have stretches built into them, whatever the sport.

Stretching is a fundamental part of your workout and prevents you from feeling stiff the next day. It also enhances performance, strength and flexibility. Stretching is great for stress and relieves physical and psychological tension. Have look at this Stretching 101 for complete guidelines.


Give your senses a soothing treat after a workout with aromatherapy. Herbal remedies such as lavender, mint, and rosemary stimulate your olfactory and tell your brain to relax. You can also try essential oils on your aching muscles. Eucalyptus and chamomile are a couple of examples of natural muscle relaxants

Take a hot bath and read a book after you finish your exercise. It’s important to destress and take some time for yourself. Light some candles or incense. You could even try a relaxing milk bath. Have a look at these recipes for making your own milk bath at home.

Eat and Rehydrate

You will need to rehydrate after a workout so drink plenty of water or a sports drink. Choose a small snack as well such as yoghurt or banana. If you workout before dinner, then don’t eat too close to your bedtime as it might disrupt your sleep. 

After a workout, your body will need to replenish nutrients and refuel your muscles. What to eat and how much can depend on the type and length of the workout. Here is a guide to food choices after exercise. Find out what healthy foods work best for you and your workout.

All of the above should help you choose the ideal way in which you should cool down after exercising, or just as a way to relax before your bedtime.
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