What's The Pandemic Low?


Do you feel like the year is slipping away from you? You're not the only one. We can all agree that 2020 hasn't been a happy year. The corona virus pandemic has been responsible for creating a surge of anxiety. 

Today, months later, we have a better understanding of how to stay safe. More and more countries are relaxing their COVID restrictions. However, the prolonged self-isolation has taken its toll. Staying safe at home can affect your mental health. For a lot of people, the accumulation of cancellations, face masks, vaccine uncertainty, and the constantly fluctuating situation is creating a favourable terrain for mild depression. 


You've given up on your goals for the year, but the process has left you in a state of mental and emotional limbo. Fighting off the pandemic low is crucial to reclaiming control over your life. 


Recognize the early signs


Unlike severe clinical depression, the pandemic low is a more subtle issue. Some essential signs can help you spot the problem. Feeling lethargic - a sense of extreme tiredness combined with a lack of motivation to do anything - could be caused by the pandemic low. You can also notice a shadow of mixed feelings, making it hard to make decisions. When you're uncertain about things, it makes you feel insecure about yourself. This can lead to conflicted emotions and negative feelings. Some people also experience complete indifference, which means they don’t engage emotionally with their surroundings anymore. When left unattended the pandemic low could merge into a more severe case of depression. Be mindful of what's going on inside your own head. Self-awareness goes a long way to help you snap yourself out of it before it’s too late. 

Invest in yourself again


Everybody has health concerns that they postpone or ignore. Lack of time is one of the most common reasons. We tell ourselves medical help too expensive, or that we're making mountains out of nothing. In truth, if your health is bothering you, make it a priority to address the issue. Investing in your well-being by researching the best dental payment plans for you or reaching out to a dermatologist to get your acne scars removed can help you feel more confident. The way we look on the outside has an effect on the way we feel inside. More importantly, the process switches your sense of priorities. If like everyone you’ve put your life on hold during the pandemic, investing in your health allows you to press play again and escape the lethargy. 

Clean in-depth. Yes, I said CLEAN

What does deep cleaning have to do with your mood? Spending extra time at home means you’re probably on top of your household chores. However, you may want to consider deep cleaning appliances too, such as a carpet washer, for instance, or the addition of an air particle filter at home. The difference will be dramatic. If you think your home is spotless already, you’ll be astonished by the fresh sensation. Bringing clean freshness into your interior means that you can start experimenting with scents to boost your mood. Simply put: A clean and fresh-smelling house can boost your happiness! 

Contrary to common belief, the pandemic low doesn’t quite qualify as a depressive mood. As such, a simple change of routine can have a huge effect to help you snap out of it. More importantly, it reminds you of what matters most - your health and the space you're in a.k.a home sweet home.


Until next time,



Shabana Feroze

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