4 Ways Accessories Can Improve Your Confidence in the Workplace

Feeling confident in the workplace is not something that happens overnight. Whether you’re new to the job or industry as a whole, there’s no denying how difficult it can be to feel comfortable and self-assured in unfamiliar territory. Even those who have been in the same place and position for years, can experience “imposter syndrome,” a term used to describe doubt in your abilities and feeling like a fraud.

Luckily, improving your confidence in the workplace is possible. Not only from doing well in your career but from your personal work-wear style. Believe it or not, dressing to impress yourself is one of the most powerful ways to feel good from the inside, and as a result, impress those around you. Not just your clothes, but switching up your accessories can make your entire work wardrobe feel more "you".

Keep reading to learn 4 ways in which accessories can improve your confidence in the workplace and what you can do to feel calm, cool and collected

Amplify Your Outfit

No matter what look you’re going for—cool girl casual in a mini dress or formal boss babe in a suit—accessories can serve to support your style. In fact, sometimes your accessories allow you to appear even more trendy and sleek as they’re typically designed to amplify your fit, regardless of how dressed up or dressed down you may be.

For example, the glasses you wear can help heighten your look as they come in many frames, styles, and colors for different people. To be specific, eyeglass frames for women range in everything from cat-eye to aviators, and so much more, all of which can be used to make you appear more comfortable, collected and confident. This makes it easier for you to show off your wonderful personality to your co-workers and boost your self-image in the workplace. 

Colourology For Your Signature Style

Ever wondered why wearing certain colors make you feel happier or more level-headed? The reason behind this is colourology. Colourology is a holistic treatment many therapists use to boost the confidence of their patients and strengthen their self-esteem. 

Because it’s no secret that your style is a part of your “personal brand.” Your outfit is one of the first things people use to create their first impression about you. This is why it’s important to use this to your advantage, particularly for women in the workforce. To do this, use the power of colourology.

Different colors bring out different emotions. When it comes to choosing your outfit or accessories, opt for items that are green, blue, orange, yellow, and red, as these colors are distinctly designed to build your confidence in their own unique way. 


Dress for Success

While it may be tempting to dress in lounge-wear all the time—especially if you’re working remotely—it’s not always ideal when it comes to feeling competent and confident in your current role.

It makes it harder to separate work from your personal life as these kind of clothes are not associated with your day job. That’s why it’s critical to distinguish your attire when you’re on and off the clock. Fortunately, there are a few clever hacks you can use to keep you in that snuggly-comfy zone, but also dress for success.

 If you’re working from home for the time being and don’t want to force yourself to constantly put on a pair of jeans while you work, consider investing in two-piece loungewear sets. Even though it’s still a form of lounge-wear, matching sets can help you feel put together, especially when paired with the right accessories. 

In a professional work setting, dainty jewelry and trendy hair wear like pearl hair clips or a leather headband are a few small ways to accessorize your fit and showcase your signature style. Thus building your workplace mojo.


Put Your Best Fashion Foot Forward

A lack of confidence can stem from a variety of factors, one of them being your wardrobe. Apart from choosing what clothing to wear at your place of work, don’t forget to give the same amount of attention to your accessories. Just like your clothing is being assessed by those around you, so are your accessories. If done correctly, your accessories will work to amplify your outfit, promote signature style, and dress for success. 

Research shows that confident employees are more likely to perform better, show initiative, and be more willing to accept challenging assignments compared to those who lack confidence. To ensure your self-esteem benefits your career, rather than hinders it, be sure to reference this post and use the tips provided as these will keep you looking stylish and self-assured in no time.

Shabana Feroze

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