Basics + Interesting pieces

Coat and Top: Zara, Jeans: H&M, Necklace: Aldo, Ring: Mango, Shoes: Miss Selfridge,
Handbag: Lifestyle. 
PHEW! Life has been so busy I feel like I've been on a rollercoaster ride the last few days. I was supposed to publish this post on Sunday and it's Wednesday today! Anyhoo, I've been having fun and that's all that counts. The weather here is crazy, it's crazy windy somedays, somedays it's hot and somedays it's like you're in Alaska. It was cold when I had this outfit on. I took 2 basic pieces, a black tank top and blue jeans and added two interesting pieces- the red pea coat and my bow shoes to add colour and pizzazz (I wonder if that word is even used in the language anymore. I also wonder how my mind comes up with these words) to the look. I wore this gorgeous mother-of-pearl statement necklace to take it up a few notches and match the shoes. I grabbed my adorable Catherine's Cakery and Cafe handbag to finish the look.

Shabana Feroze


  1. I have to say your blog is totally crap. Is this a fashion blog or a $2 chinese store blog. Your colours are boring and its like you are trying to copy Dulce Candy. Maybe try and be original. Also, you need to cut down on the red and pink shades of lips because it looks hoary. Also you need better models because they are really fugly (no offense).

  2. Nice to know you like reading and paying attention to crappy blogs like mine.


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