Unique, gorgeous, you.

Top: TSKD Designs, Shorts: Bershka, Stockings: from Dubai, Boots: Miss Selfridge, Earrings & Handbag: Aldo.
This has got to be one of my favourite tops. I love the cheery bright colour, the lightness of the material, and the design. It screams effortlessly cool. I paired it with my black shorts and since the weather was still a bit cool in the evenings, I wore my black stockings and added black boots to make my legs look longer.

When I put on this top I was wondering why I didn't wear it more often and vowed to wear it more. See that's the thing about me and my clothes. I can never be that person who wears something only once. Either you'd have to be super-rich to do that, or buy lots of super-cheap clothes. Since I'm not rich and I don't like cheap stuff, I buy a few (or get tailored) a few good quality pieces and then mix and match them with whatever else I have in my wardrobe. It's easy to keep buying new clothes, shoes and handbags but the real creativity (and difficulty!) lies in mixing and matching your clothes and accessories so well that people think you have many things. Also, that's the only way you make your style you rather than just wear stuff off the rack. So get your basics, plus a few quirky pieces, lots of jewelry, and experiment with your outfits. You'll get some wrong, (I know I do!) but you'll have tons of fun and look uniquely, gorgeously, YOU!

Shabana Feroze

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  1. You are looking absolutely stunning in this shirt and shorts combo! Love the color on you.. And you have so rightly mentioned about the need to 'mix and miatch' clothes!


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