Chandelier necklace and the vagaries of this weather

Top: Zara, Skirt: Own Design, Necklace: from Thailand, Ring: Gifted, Shoes: Bershka.
Photos: Arif Feroze
The day I wore this outfit I was invited to be a panelist for a PR agency's annual meeting. I wanted a look that was casual, but also smart. So I paired my white silk shirt with this A-line full red skirt, and added tan ankle-strap heels. A tan belt matched the heels. For jewelry, I wore this gorgeous chandelier pendant that I bought from Koh Samui. I'm crazy about chandeliers, and couldn't believe it when I found a pendant that is a chandelier! I snapped it up right away. I love the intricate details on it! A multicolored gems ring and tiny earrings finished the look.

A trick to remember when wearing a loose blouse tucked into an A-line skirt, is to not let the shirt's material hang out too much over the top of the skirt's waistband. So after putting on the skirt, pull the shirt's tails or ends down from underneath the skirt, so it's a neat tuck. Or you'll look too baggy.

I'm enjoying the vagaries of the weather this week, even if it means I can't take photos or when I finally do, the wind ruins them. Times like these when the wind distorts the shape of my skirt {me holding my skirt in the third photo from top isn't to strike a pose, it's to show you what the skirt actually looks like!} or makes my shirt look puffier than it it, I wish I could take the photos at home. But no, mustn't complain. Since last week we've had gorgeous duck-egg blue skies with thick, fluffy clouds, cool breezes, and soft drizzling rain. What's a few missed photoshoots when I get to enjoy the weather this much?

Shabana Feroze


  1. Tan, red and cream complement each other...the wind doesn't take away from the faves are the fourth and tenth pics...gorgeousness!


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